By Hans Ebert

Everyone is getting ready for another HKIR week
Where the new Stars Of The Turf will be crowned
The racing world will meet in Hong Kong
Where some will get lost and others found…

There’ll be thundering hooves and magic men
From all around the world
They’ll be racing for pride and victory
Happy Valley and Sha Tin
Will be key attractions of the turf

There’ll be young guns out to make a name for themselves
And household names from far and wide
We’ll be singing how we’re all here together
There’ll be a strong sense of Hong Kong pride…

Away from all the cheers and smiles
And where winning will be the name of the game
There’ll be a new Hong Kong to discover
A city full of constant change…

Don’t bother going down to Lan Kwai Fong
Unless you wanna get depressed
Gone are the Billy Idol and Shane Dye days
When some thought Al’s Diner
Was the city’s best meeting place…

There’s still good old Hard Rock Cafe
if you wanna travel back in time
But surely head banging has run its course
Along with mullets and singing Red Red Wine..,

If looking for a real change of pace
There’s Stocktons the cool new whiskey bar
It’s got style and pretty people
It really comes alive after dark…

There’ll always be those in search of Escape
But it’s not what it used to be
It’s now all business and the luck of the draw
And many people you really don’t wanna see…

The Wanchai of old is past its prime
Though still open from Dusk Till Dawn
But the party has moved to newer places
Hanging out at Joe Bananas is just one big yawn…

All’s not lost as there’s always The Wanch
And the taste of those Burger Joys
Those whopping burgers are the best in town
They separate the men from the boys…

But wait, there’s also now a new Wanchai
More refined in quality and class
It’s there to be found down Star Street
Where everything new is coming up real fast

There’ll be fireworks on and off the course
when the International Jockeys Competition rolls around
That will be on this Happy Wednesday night
with also many fashionistas to be found…

Away from from favourite racing magicians
Look for The Gnasher to hit his stride
He’s suddenly become Hong Kong’s Mr Stunning
And now that Matty Chadwick’s got his mojo working
Respect everything he rides

Of course there’ll be the fakers
The well known users who we all know
The usual suspects will make their annual appearance
Those serial social media bores…

They’ll show up to be seen and heard
But by now we know who they are
They’re often led by the flatulent Mr Bubbles
And his fawning and falling Twittering stars…

But in the end it’s all a game
Phoney smiles and dropping names
The real winners at the end of HKIR week
Are those who take it all in stride
Those who simply enjoy the ride
And remain remarkably sane…

#HKIR #HKIJC #HongKong #HongKonghorseracing #Longines #Longineshorseracing #LonginesHongKong

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1 Response to THE ODE TO HKIR WEEK

  1. Keith Hillier says:

    You are so funny Hans. Dec.10 is my birthday, so that day I will fly out again to Japan (for six weeks) and avoid the flatulence of the world’s No.1 racing media imposter, Mr. Bubbles. Enjoy the big day and nights and dodge the flatulence. KH

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