By Hans Ebert

It’s truly Hong Kong’s most underrated tourist attraction: This escalator known simply as the Central Escalator can take you from Central to Soho, all the way up to Caine Road and then on a discovery of the new restaurants, bars, shops and art galleries that have sprung up almost overnight in Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun.

These are areas where old Hong Kong meets new Hong Kong and very international Hong Kong. And during the walkabout, stop at Gao’s Foot Massage for the best stress buster we have come across: Reflexology performed on your feet which helps unclog arteries, kidney, liver and bladder problems and migraines plus anything else that might not be working to maximum potential.

None of the masseuses speak English so you’re handed a diagram of the soles of your feet and which shows the various pressure points that have a bearing on other parts of your body. So, if a particular part of the sole of your foot makes you grimace and scream for mama, check your diagram to see which part of your body needs repair. It hurts like hell, but the masseuse keeps kneading this area until the pain disappears. And so it goes on until you understand where exactly your body is suffering from wear and tear and needs repairing.

After an hour of pain to gain being decidedly light on your feet, it is recommended to have another massage that includes your face and shoulders. This place really is heaven on earth and the entire healing process will cost you around HK$600. You’re now set again to discover a Hong Kong not often seen by tourists- and with that Central Escalator just around the corner from wherever you are.

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