By Hans Ebert

(G/F., 32 Wyndham St., Central)

With its very narrow entrance, it’s difficult to find, but enough people have found it for Stockton to become the most popular Scotch bar in Hong Kong.

In a city where Scotch bars are suddenly trending as followers often have a herd mentality, Stockton stands out as it set the standard where all the pieces fit and is frequented every evening by a constantly changing group of customers depending on the type of day. Special events on certain days of the week add to the atmosphere without being obtrusive.

The interiors are contemporary cosy rustic English cottage meets upmarket British private club. Opposites do attract. There are private rooms that give it that private club but with each offering a view of the comings and goings outside- an international upwardly mobile crowd after work who may use the bar as a meeting place and then after 10pm a very diverse clientele that are seldom the same every day though there are the regulars.

The food menu is limited- mainly snacks and a few different dips, but these dips can soon turn into dinner and suddenly meeting up for a drink at 6pm stretches into one for the road at midnight.

Weekends are something else and where a more colourful group of customers flow in and out starting after midnight. If a meeting place before stepping out for dinner within walking distance- around the corner actually- is Fish And Meat, below, a restaurant with some of the most creative and original dishes and drinks, and owned and managed by Maximal Concepts.

Apart from Stockton, Maximal Concepts has some of the city’s other most popular restaurants in their portfolio including the wonderful Chinese restaurant Mott 32.

Mott 32
(Basement, Standard Chartered Bank Building, 4-4A Des Voeux Road Central, Central)

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