In an age where the success of anything is based largely on Views and Likes, reach, awareness, and the immediacy of the message through social media plus how creatively one uses every online delivery platform available to maximum effect, the Hong Kong Jockey Club just might have created a bit of history for a racing club with the latest video for its Happy Wednesday brand.

At last count, the accompanying video for the song, “We’re Having A Wednesday”, was over 100,000 views on YouTube- and achieved in a little over a week. Not even music companies gain this type of traction for some of the videos for their artists. For a horse racing club to reach these numbers in around only three weeks shows that if one “builds” the right product, they- the millennials, especially,- will come racing- and on a regular basis to the unique setting of Happy Valley Racecourse with its main venues – The Beer Garden and Adrenaline- bringing non-stop entertainment and interactivity between the races through a constantly evolving product.





As for the song, “We’re Having A Happy Wednesday”, written by music and marketing executive Hans Ebert, and recorded at Studio 52 in Melbourne with vocals by Jimmy Cupples, this has given the singer the opportunity to perform in Hong Kong during the night of the Longines Hong Kong International Jockeys Challenge race day on the night of Wednesday December 7. Will this lead to a longer stint in Hong Kong for the singer, below with Ebert, Producer Trevor Carter and Paul Higgins of Studio 52? Most likely. But things don’t stop here.


Ebert, who moved from Universal Music Asia to be Executive Director of EMI Music, where he worked on projects for David Bowie, John and Yoko Ono Lennon, Robbie Williams, Gorillaz and others, and a key figure in the evolvement of the Happy Wednesday brand, is set to launch HW Entertainment, a multi-media company that will morph into areas including creating and owning content, and adding to the ‘live’ streaming of all the on-course action started by Carnivale, the resident band at the Beer Garden, plus the consumer-generated content through all online delivery platforms.





Of course, there will always be music with original material already written for singer Jennifer Palor, the popular resident singer at Adrenaline, and her band’s excellent drummer Toby, both pictured below. Horse racing certainly looks set to gallop off into some brave new worlds. Right, Toby?




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