Each new racing season, the HKJC’s successful Happy Wednesday brand that comes alive at Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong keeps evolving. This season will be no exception with a new song especially composed and recorded for these Happy Wednesday nights. But this new track is different in that it was recorded in Melbourne and features session singer and recent contestant on The Voice Australia Jimmy Cupples, pictured below.



Written and produced by music executive Hans Ebert, and part of the Happy Wednesday creative and marketing team, the reason for recording in Melbourne was quite simple: “Though Hong Kong has some technically good musicians and a handful of good performers, there’s not really an abundance of original recording talent”, explains Ebert, below in the studios with Cupples and producer/engineer Trevor “The Wizard” Carter.


After speaking to a number of local recording studios, it was evident to him that each had strengths and weaknesses with none really able to deliver what was needed. A few calls were made to the UK, Toronto, Perth, Copenhagen and Melbourne, and Jimmy Cupples, a singer Ebert plans to work with on other more experimental projects (“Jimmy is experienced, he’s been around the block, he’s got a positive attitude and has an amazing voice”), was picked after being recommended by the city’s Studio 52 where the track was recorded in August of this year.

The studio’s owners- Paul Higgins and Trevor Carter, pictured below, had a proven track record, they had a choice of singers, understood what was needed, and delivered an international product with no haggling and dramas.


What are the launch plans for the track- “We’re Having A Happy Wednesday”, described as a high-energy commercial Dance track- time will tell. But the odds of Jimmy Cupples making a few cameo appearances in the Beer Garden at Happy Valley Racecourse would not exactly be a surprise.

“The track is simple and commercial”, says Ebert, “Everyone who’s heard it thinks it’s very different to what’s been written and recorded before in that it’s more current. It also gives us the opportunities to build a number of consumer-generated promotions and competitions behind it”.

Says Cupples, “Hans knew what he wanted, made a few minor changes in the studio, and just left us to get on with things. Wish other jobs could be as painless. As for coming out to Hong Kong and performing at Happy Valley Racecourse, you don’t have to ask me twice. I’ll be there with bells on!”

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