Apart from some race goers having to fork out $11 for a plate of chips, the Chinese Race Day last Saturday at Randwick was a commendable initiative. It was, at least, a start-off point to try and expand the consumer pie…and dim sum table in an increasingly ethnically diverse society, where the impact of Chinese culture and investment is profound.



With cash-rich Chinese, as individuals and businesses in Australia, taking advantage of a favourable economic investment environment, and more and more of these big business players becoming horse owners and making an indelible mark on the present and future of Australian racing, it is only natural that marketing the sport to Chinese audiences will become more and more important. And as has been proven elsewhere, and where such commercial and marketing strategies have succeeded, nothing beats having Chinese celebrities present at these events to give them a unique and special cultural flavour. They provide that all-important thing called “face”- and media attention. They are magnets and walking billboards for any event. Racing, after all, IS Entertainment in its purest and most literal sense.



Based in Hong Kong, the team behind RB Entertainment 888 has worked in the Chinese entertainment industry for over two decades. This is  a team that has not only worked with, but also written and produced music for some of the biggest names in Chinese music- Jacky Cheung, Sam Hui, Faye Wong, Alan Tam, the Wynners, Jolin Tsai and more.

以香港為基地,RB Entertainment 888的幕後團隊在過去20年為不少知名樂壇單位創位與籌謀,其中就包括張學友、許冠傑、王菲、譚詠麟、溫拿樂隊、蔡依林,還有更多更多。




The same team has worked in the entertainment industries in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the rest of Asia- Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India. It has also brought together music from the East with the music from the West by artists like David Bowie, Nelly Futardo, Gorillaz, Robbie Williams, Kanye West and others.

雖然RB Entertainment 888基地為香港,但足跡遍佈整個亞洲,當中以中國、日本、韓國、台灣為甚,而團隊亦不斷拉攏東西方合作,在這個地球一體化的地球村年代,類似的橋樑不可或缺。


Whether wishing to attract Chinese and Asian customers to racetracks in Australia, or, if a new company in the land Down Under looking for celebrities from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Korea or anywhere in Asia for everything from concerts and private functions to Grand Openings and meet-and-greet sessions, write to us at RBEntertainment88@gmail.com

無論是東方的藝人將要拓展西歐澳洲市場,抑或袋鼠國的朋友想要邀請東方名人出席公開或私人場合,請即管與RB Entertainment888 (RBEntertainment888.gmail.com)聯絡。


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  1. Dear Sir

    Thank you for your article.

    I thought the ATC initiative was a good start albeit a very soft start. I have just walked past a sports goods retailer in Sydney who has taken delivery of boxes and boxes of goods.Disappointingly but not unexpectedly the boxes were labelled made in China, made in Vietnam and made in Indonesia. So it’s great to see that we are producing something in Australia in the form of thoroughbred horses which are in many ways either being exported or better still consumed in Australia with foreign dollars.Three cheers to our thoroughbred breeding industry for their significant contribution to our economy. I’m afraid we don’t seem to manufacture much in Australia other than hamburgers! I hope our new and fabulous government do something pretty quickly to turn this around.

    As to the ATC China Festival, yes it was a good initiative although I question whether they have really marketed to the very significant Asian population living in Sydney. I know some of our Asian community and I know that they are not dissimilar to the local residents of Hong Kong in that they enjoy a bet. Perhaps part of the future of Australian racing is to ensure that the Asian community who reside here, become a larger part of the racing community not only as a racehorse owners but also as a significant part of the punting group and a significant part of those who attend race meetings.

    I hope the ATC made our Asian community feel welcome and I truly hope they have encouraged them to return. A quick follow-up to the community for this coming Friday night’s meeting at Canterbury would be a good start, after all this is a very heavily populated Asian area.


    James Mathers

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