Annette Oliver:

In relation to “new’ synthetic or all weather tracks…………..why would RNSW build anything new now when even basic maintenance of tracks has been avoided at all costs for as long as they have been in control of Racing. When trainers at metro, provincial and country tracks are all screaming that the facilities for racing and training have regressed to an embarrassing stage something is wrong. Saying so publicly gets you sanctioned by RNSW. The laughable “5 million infrastructure fund” in the strategic plan is laughable. The courses across NSW have been allocated 5 million for improvements when 5 million per course is more like what is needed after decades of neglect. In the same strategic plan 2 million is allocated for a quarantine centre for “the Championships” so it is obvious what is important to RNSW and that it is not serious about even starting to fix the major problems facing racing in NSW. Of course real integrity and transparency across the whole of the governing body is required first………………we are not racing this weekend because despite over a week of fine weather the main country track in our region which has had no maintenance since it’s last meeting has been deemed a hazard to horses and jockeys by those who ride there.


James Mather:

I truthfully can’t understand Tabcorp’s position. Admittedly they don’t have exclusivity of media rights as they have in New South Wales however their current attitude towards Victorian racing seems very naive and probably childish. I make a few points below.

-One must not forget that Tabcorp had the opportunity to bundle up all the media rights late last year had they entered into a win-win agreement with TVN. Instead they merrily went on their way with the help of the ATC and RNSW and proceeded to destroy TVN.

-I’m not certain that their strategy is correct particularly having regard to some of the findings of the Productivity Commission.

-I think Tabcorp is exposing its l wagering license in Victoria which I understand is up for renewal in nine years time. Not a long time given the importance of the license.

-Surely they are leaving the door open for Channel 7 and possibly others to join together in a serious and well advertised corporate book making venture which will again expose Tabcorp’s market.

-What is the current position with the Victorian government in relation to corporate bookmakers establishing terminals in all Victorian pubs and clubs and possibly the rest of Australia. Is Tabcorp exposed in this area.

-Will the Victorian racing clubs gradually distance themselves from Tabcorp in terms of their much valued win-win relationship.

If I were David Attenborough I would not have adopted this strategy and I certainly would have got to know, understand and accept the motivation of RV.

Finally I’m not sure if today’s letter from the Australian Hotels Association is all that helpful. In my opinion it makes ridiculous statements one of which is that they value Victorian media rights at nil. It Victorian media rights are worth nothing how about the rest of the country.It has the appearance of being drafted by a desperate Tabcorp.

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