Ah, the much maligned mug punter and TAB.

Can I just say, we are all mug punters in one way, shape or form.

And as for the TAB, at least they have always contributed to racing and never knocked a punter back. Just a pity it was privatised.

As an aside about the TAB. What obviously, non-punting IT moron came up with the new TAB website ? But more important and worse. What brain dead halfwit has allowed it to go live ?

Most of what you need is on the old website and that is where the new TAB website sends you if you can find how to get there. It was all supposed to be finished before going live, but the dimwits didn’t care. I was actually invited into TAB Headquarters in Ultimo, with others, to give an opinion on the new TAB website and told them it was rubbish and to stop reinventing the wheel. This is just another case of people(s) who haven’t got a clue, telling us what we need and how things should be.

In life/society/work, we are told, don’t just make a comment or knock something unless you have an alternative, that if you aren’t part of the solution, then you are the problem.

Whenever I have made a comment, either here on Racing*itch ( big shout out and thanks for existing ) or in speaking with racing participants, even family, friends, I have, at all times, endeavoured to offer alternatives or suggestions. If we, the participants, don’t bring something to the table, then we deserve to be shafted by those in control or at the top. Never a truer word said then, “ keep the bastards honest. “

Racing in New South Wales . . . mmm . . . let’s see, we have massive prize money, champion trainers and jockeys, supposedly good training facilities, yet of all the States, we barely get enough horses to race at a meeting, frequently half the programme, have less than 8 runners.

For my 2 bobs worth, I don’t care how many horses are in the field, because it is my decision on whether I bet in that race or not. Ideally, I prefer a minimum of 8 runners. The advantage of less than 8 runners is that if you are betting on the TAB, the place dividends are sometimes better than if a full field. I don’t mind big fields as they may offer value. I do concede that some horses in big fields are like pot holes, they get in the road, but that’s one reason why it’s called . . . gambling. But still, it’s a bad look.

Personally, I think there ARE sinister players involved in our race fields problem. That can be the only reason. Why are we the only skinny kid in the class ? Until there is a comprehensive, all-encompassing inquiry into the matter, the status quo will continue. And therein lies the problem.

Again, as an aside. I have the lowest possible opinion of breeders, stallion owners I’m talking about. They are leeches on the backside of racing, but regretfully, a necessary evil. Look at the latest news, American Pharoah already sold to stud. Its racing only controlled until the end of the year.

Next we’ll be having yearlings already sold to stud.

Norm Snowden.

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  1. Maree Jones says:

    Norm, I urge you and all ATC members to read the proposed MOU regarding the merger of the ATC with the Rosehill Bowling Club. The link is

  2. LayinYaMuma #moneygang says:

    The TAB do restrict, trust me, although my bets are rather big compared to the average person and I often have inside info, but the fact is I am often knocked back.

    Also you may hate us stallion owners but what would you do if you owned a colt that might be lucky to win another million if it is very lucky, or lock in hundreds of thousands a year for a fair while. Gotta do whats best for business, Bentleys, houses and yachts dont get paid for with good intentions.

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