zac purton

Oh and just another thing on the Daily Telegraph they are so Magic Man, Macka, Berry in a double page spread that was published on this lot Zac got a one line mention and his name was spelled or spelt depending on which school you went to PURDON in bold font and they get paid for writing this rubbish!

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  1. Warwick A says:

    Hard to know which is more embarrassing: the Randwick track conditions, the monstrosity of a grand stand, the paltry crowd or the spin.

    All that money wasted.

    I declare The Championships the New Coke of racing.

    • Ron says:

      It’s a joke Warwick A! Melbourne has it all over Sydney in all sports. And I am a NSW resident. The Slipper is dead. I think the Cup, Cox Plate and Derby Day are in safe hands.

  2. Marc says:

    That’s not good for a journalist to make such a bad typo, but Hans, you are the master at bad spelling…….. for years, you still fail to spell race commentator Brett Davis’s name correct in every blurb you post. Week in, week out, month in, month out, year in, year out you refer to him as Brett ‘Davies’. Perhaps the journalist you are having a go at can have the last laugh at your inability to get it right!. Amazing how none of the ‘management’ at the HKJC who sponsor you haven’t bothered to correct you either? Who is really switched on there?

    • RacingB*tch says:

      And year in and year out you read these posts- bad spelling et al.

      By the way, your pettiness and politics aside, I never brought up the typo. A reader did.

      You really must stop writing garbage when on the drink, darling.

  3. Syd Knee says:

    It is a breathtaking display of ignorance, but it will do nothing to dim Zac’s motivation. To achieve the Hong Kong Premiership in the face of no support from Size and Moore in a place where many big name jockeys have found out how tough it is they have beat a hasty retreat, to win G1 events at Royal Ascot, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. it is similar to Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo. The enormity of the achievement is lost by the hacks’ inclination to first write about Lowndes, Ambrose and co. Aussie tribalism wins over global achievers. Ford vs Holden is the same as Melbourne racing vs Sydney racing. I don’t give a toss whether the Tahs beat the Brumbies, it is all about Wallabies vs All Blacks. And Zac is a World Champion.

  4. Annette Oliver says:

    Sorry did not know that the drivel written in the Tele was written by anyone journalist who would claim to be a ‘journalist’. As far at the ‘Racing Victoria / the VRC are shaking in their boots’ garbage that appeared a couple of weeks ago……………sorry it looks sillier than ever now. Racing Vic. are so far in front of what goes as ‘management’ of racing here (in yes my home state) that V’lundies and Big John could not see where the Vics have headed with binoculars.

  5. Paul says:

    Makes you wonder how some people keep their jobs.

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