The Ballad of the 2013-2014 Season

Ballad 1

The new season got off to a rocky start
With a man-sized collision that came apart
Whyte and Size went their separate ways
Whatever happened to those Glorious Days?

Ballad 2

The Champ took it all in his stride
Akeed Mofeed and Glorious Days gave him two great rides
Two Group 1 wins on International Day
Was a two-finger salute that said, “I’m more than Okay”!

2 fingers

The Zac Attack and Moore The Merrier
Looked destined for days far more rosier
But a Military Attack suddenly rocked their buddy thing
The bromance became a “love you short-time” kinda fling

Ballad 4

Then it went Poof and magic lit up the sky
The Magic Man was here and looked so fly
Everyone tried to jump the queue
And become part of the “Hey Joao” Samba Le Bamba crew

Ballad 5

He rode doubles, trebles and four-timers
And Hong Kong racing was never this much finer
Racing fans couldn’t get enough of his rides
But then neither could those gawd damn stickly Stipes!

Ballad 6

And while the winners came thick and fast
Many days were spent there in the back
Suspensions turned to mighty big fines
And doing magic tricks became an expensive crime!

Ballad 7

How much longer will all the Magic last?
Could it all fade into the past?
Joao knows he has nada to fear
He’s done a Suarez right from the rear!

Ballad 8

Through it all there’s been the launch of many Zac Attacks
All of them have been really whack
“Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!” his twittering fans tweet
Adding Oi! Oi! Oi! to that constant Okker dance beat!

Ballad 9

Dougie Whyte just sits and smiles
At those goons across the aisle
He plays his cards close to his chest
Always a new door opens to give him the best .

Ballad 10

Tommy Boy arrived in town
He came with a Berry big Berry crown
But then like E.T. he wanted Home
And old man Moore was left there all alone

Ballad 11

Neil Callan created racing history
He beat the Stipes and won a big victory
But when you win you also lose
And suspensions galore cooked his goose

Miscarriage and Loss: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Hughie Bowman came, saw and won
He really didn’t hang about too long
And many are singing the Christian Reith song
“A six month license in- huh?- Hong Kong?”

Ballad 13

So the curtain falls on another season
And this might sound like mutiny and treason
But what if when there’s the new trainers score
There could be the name of- yikes- Sydney’s Gary Moore???

Ballad 14

New riders will come and make up the numbers
But so could many worthless plumbers
And what about Dickie, Alvin and Matthoooooo?
And Huckleberry Hound and even more Boo Boos?

Ballad 15

Turnover will continue to go through the roof
Despite Billy Boy and the corporate goofs
Will co-mingling and that old China dream
Be the wanker fests they’ve always been?

Ballad 16

Don’t trust anyone we’ve always heard
There’s a Judas in all those nicely rehearsed words
No one’s who they appear to be
All those ankle biters and human fleas.

Ballad 17

Hong Kong racing still holds the key
While everyone else is all at sea
Has-beens and never-beens are on the winning side
Stop whinging you fools and enjoy the ride!

Ballad 18

Willie Shakes

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