What Mainland Chinese fans might not know about Hong Kong racing

*Hong Kong has the Four Heavenly Kings- singers Leon Lai, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Aaron Kwok- whereas Hong Kong racing has the Three Horseketeers in jockeys Douglas Whyte from South Africa, Australian Zac Purton and Brazilian Joao Moreira.

Hong Kong racing 1

Hong Kong racing 2

* Trainers Tony Cruz and Caspar Fownes are local boys who went to school in Hong Kong, speak FLUENT Cantonese, and can swear in the language worse than the bloke living in Mongkok with a dragon tattoo on his arm.

Hong Kong racing 3

Caspar can also speak FLUENT Punjabi- and swear in this Indian dialect like a onion roti.

Hong Kong racing 4

* One of Caspar’s best friends is singer-actor Aaron Kwok which is why he trains the Superstar’s galloper Calling With Love which is named after one of his biggest hits.

Hong Kong racing 5

* Douglas Whyte very rarely uses the whip on horses- a lesson he learnt at a mentoring session with Monty Roberts, the legendary Horse Whisperer.

Hong Kong racing 6

Hong Kong racing 7

* Two of Hong Kong’s most attractive horse owners are Canny Leung, wife of businessman Steven Lo, and Michelle Reis.

Hong Kong racing 8

Hong Kong racing 9

The former is a published author and poet plus well-known lyricist and co-owner of the very good galloper Military Attack.

Hong Kong racing 10

The gorgeous Eurasian Michelle Reis is a former actress and model who was named Miss Hong Kong 1988 and, that same year, Miss China International.

Hong Kong racing 11

Hong Kong racing 12

Married to business tycoon, the ex-husband of Pansy Ho, daughter of Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho, co- own the horses Kabayan and Charles The Great.

Hong Kong racing 13

As her Chinese name- Jiaxin (李嘉欣)- sounds phonetically like the term for “pay rise”, we know some who display her photograph when wanting their bosses to get the message.


* Angland is the Yao Ming of jockeys- the tallest jockey riding in Hong Kong- and who returns to Australia at the end of this season.

Hong Kong racing 15

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