After being asked questions like, “Do the same horses run in every race?”, “Do jockeys ride the same horses all the time?” and why jockeys where such “colorful blouses” we realized that- and this is key to enjoying the sport- there was a need to somehow explain to the new generation of race-goers what it takes to win at it by understanding the basics of horse racing.


So came The Dummies Guide to Horse Racing, a series of clips in English and Cantonese featuring well-known and very popular local standup comedian named Vivek.

Vivek, certainly no Rapper, changed personas, and even laid down a Yo! Yo! Racing Rap.

Of course, the Hong Kong Jockey Club had set the wheels in motion by the creation of IBU, an inter-active board at the venue Adrenaline on the second floor of the Happy Valley Racecourse- the first of its kind which provided one with all the information one needs to know about horses, form, jockeys, trainers, trackwork etc.

IBU made things simple, and with Racing Specialists to help, this mothership attracted many. It was close racing encounters of a very different kind.

To make things even more simple, from this IBU Mothership came Racing Touch, an app available from the Apple App store and straight to your iPad.

So, going back in time from The Dummies Guide, to IBU to the Racing Touch app and a Racing Rap in-between, it’s been quite a trip…while the journey continues to bring all the excitement of horse racing in Hong Kong straight to your iPad, iPhone and your fingertips.

So, let your fingertips do the racing while we keep bringing you up to speed on a game that’s always exciting, always challenging and a game that’s easy and entertaining once you know where you’re heading.

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