It’s been stuck in the mire for way too long
And bogged down in the past
Mr Jones don’t want no changes
He’s just looking after his back
He’s still stuck inside of Mobil with the Memphis Blues Again

There’s a Mr Jones everywhere
Afraid the truth will win out
And show them for what they really are
And how they have no clout

So they huff and puff
And try to blow the house down
But that bluff has been played too long
Show me what you’re holding, man
Or turn that bad hand down

Still they have puppies on the run
Young guns shooting blanks
Too scared to upset the apple cart
Happy to play tambourine in the band

Monkey see and monkey do
Too scared to dance with the Monkey Man
They follow leaders and forget those parking meters
And turn that other cheek again

Screw the weather
Where’s Eddie Vedder
Who cares if it’s soft or hard
Racing’s going downhill fast
Steve Pateman needs to give it a swift kick up the arse


(Source: Punters Paradise)

Who’s gonna put the Rock into racing and start rolling with the times
Get it gift rapped and rhyming
Like a Snoop Dogg jiggy rhyme

(Soruce: That Stuff)

Races chasers pacers wasters
Bookies hookies wookies rookies
Winners losers users abusers
Can’t take it anymore
Too many out there just pissing in the wind
All talk and nothing else
Yes, who’s gonna put the Rock into racing
And get it rolling with the times?

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