You’ve given without asking without stopping to think

Who are these fleeting strangers

who just want a free drink

“Mate” and “Pops” are just some words

That roll off their lying tongues

And then they stab you in the back

But even that is not enough

So you trust them one more time again

But they will never change

This is when you need her most to keep you from going insane

How many people do you really trust

What makes them think they’re friends?

You know drink’s a bad disciple that leads you to the church of shame

And yet they keep on knocking

Even after twenty years

There’s always something that they need

They need to bend your ears

And like a fool you go back again

Despite what she said

You take every mongrel dog inside

When you should kick them in the fucking head

Steve and Virge and all the friends

I’ve loved and whom I’ve lost

They can never ever be replaced

I need to give Mark a call

Real friends are there forever

She would always say

And those are not honest friends they’re enemies all the way

She’s a wife and a mother

But I threw it all away

And went looking for substitutes and picked up more strays

You’ve danced till three o’clock

And at four in the afternoon you know you’ve had enough

You’ve given too much too soon

And through it all you’ve never said

You know I’ve really had enough

You’ve tried to take those twelve steps and always fallen from above

That higher power you’re seeking

Just might not like your face

And yet you do your very best

To join the human race

You miss her like crazy but away from her you ran

And now the parties have stopped

But you still do what you can

You stare again at all those pills

It can be so damn easy to take

But are all those cheap thrills

Going to erase all the heartache

But then something happens to take your mind away

No matter who’s sleeping next to you

You still dream of yesterday

From a different point of view

Everything is still forever

And she’s the only cure

Then morning comes and reality bites

Am still thinking of you girl

And now I have no family

Or should I say they won’t have me

Queen Bitch took care of that

The wicked witch of the East

And a new chapter now begins

Starting with a brand new slate

And forgive me for all my sins

Love will never ever replace hate

Am the Racingbitch and Alley Cat

I am living in the now

No time for living in the past

And wondering why and how

So look up to the stars tonight

And let them shine bright

Wish upon that wandering star

But let your heart decide what’s right

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