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The Fast Tracker was in cracking form on Sunday at Shatin by tipping seven winners, a few quinellas and tierces and even the 45 to 1 third Double Trio.

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Though not a fan of having any big punts at Happy Valley, but a huge fan of moving around the Beer Garden and very much into having a good go on cherchez la femme, he suggests the following- but with not a great deal of confidence.

But having a good time when Music Rocks The Valley for the next three weeks? Extremely confident.

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R1- 11-10-5-6
R2- 10-3-4-5
R3- 10-9-2-1
R4- 7-3-4-2
R5- 7-3-4-1
R6- 3-11-2-9
R7- 9-10-3-5
R8- 3-2-10-8


Tonight’s Selections 19.6.13 (From @ThirdDividend)

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Our mate in Oz is also galloping along with his Barry Manilow collection under his arm and form book between his teeth. It’s not a pretty sight, but then again, neither is Barry Manilow.

funny_horse 2
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The key is that he’s tipping the winners the whole world- or Oz needs- and here are his selections for tonight.

Wed, 19th Jun 13
#HValley Night Races @HKJC_Racing
Turf (“B” Course-Worked Back)
Weather: Mainly fine apart from isolated showers. Very hot during the day with a maximum temperature of about 33 degrees.
Light to moderate southeasterly winds.

Race 1: BILLION GAINS (11) Really The Best (3) Yuan’s Fortune (5) Nicku (4)

Race 2: GOOD HONG KONG (3) China Angel (10) Lord Dragon (1) Make It (4)

Race 3: NAUGHTY BABY (10) Lovely Boy (6) Brave Brother (2) Smart Kids (1)

Race 4: STEP FASTER (2) Very Well (4) Euro Swiftly (3) Sure Champ (9)

Race 5 (Q1): COOL BEAN (12) Distill (1) Super Strike (10) Wayfoong Express (7)

Race 6 (Q2): ABLE SPEED (2) Tai Sing Yeh (3) Happy Yeah Yeah (11) New Deerfield (10)

Race 7 (Q3): GOLDEN HARVEST (10) Ensemble (3) Sea The Pearls (5) Regency Champion (11)

Race 8 (Q4): HAPPY ERA (2) Fun Rider (1) Little Dreams (3) Familists (6)

Best Bet
Race 8: HAPPY ERA (2)

Next Best
Race 1: BILLION GAINS (11)

Value Bet
Race 4: STEP FASTER (2)

Quaddie ($100 gets you 39%)

Six Up



Harlow Dali, our picture tipster, was also in great form and came very close to unveiling a Tommy Berry treble by showcasing the brilliant young rider to win the last three winners on Sunday. The Berry good jockey rode winners in races eight and nine and came second in race ten.

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Our entourage of newbies to racing led by racing specialist Sarika Choy and aided and abetted by Justin and Natalie, missed hitting the $43,000 Six Up Bonus by a whisker but still ended up in front by having eight tickets on the consolation prize for picking five winners and one second.

It was a nice birthday present for Sarika who danced her very nice ass off at dragon-i on Saturday night.

(Source: Moteers)

So, brimming full on confidence, she leads the entourage into another six up tonight- the idea being to get six winners starting from race 3 to race 8 through your selections.

So, if you were to pick two horses for each of the six races, this would be 2x2x2x2x2x2- 64 bets and which would cost you $640 for a full six up ticket or $320 for half a ticket and much less if you bought a $3 or $2 ticket.

We think it’s the best bet in town and it might pay dividends following this six up from our Entourage.

R3- 1-2-6-9-10
R4- 7
R5- 3-4-7-9
R6- 3
R7- 9
R8- 2-3-5-8-11



(Source: Fan Pop)

Still on the very high seas, Captain Jack has his eye on the ocean- namely OCEAN WIDE (race 2) and OCEAN ROAR (race 3).

These horses are purely for value and fun, but he is VERY bullish about some big booty- and bounty with GOOD GOOD VIEW (Race 7) and, in a scary looking last race with so many winning chances, he is looking at a good ending to the night with PERFECT CHEERS.


Firstly, a Get Well Quick shout out to Zac Purton after a problem with kidney stones and which took its toll on the jockey on Sunday after his ride on Dars Auto.

(Source: Apple Daily)

Sure, they make jockeys the strong athletes they are, but something like what has happened to dull The Zac Attack brings home the mental and physical toughness needed to survive in this sport and just what a 24/7 job it is.

(Source: Apple Daily)

Thankfully, Zac Purton should be 100 percent fit for the races on the weekend, but, tonight, he’ll no doubt be taking things easy at home after laser surgery and from a racing point of view, it will be interesting to see which jockeys have replaced him on what would have been his rides- but with none of these really doing anything for me.

Still with jockeys, we’ve all been a tad unkind to apprentices Alvin Ng, below, and, especially, Dickie “Louie” Lui.

(Source: Apple Daily)

Ng aka The Chipmunk keeps slowly improving and time will tell if he has what it takes, but little Lui, after winning two successive Jockey Challenges and riding doubles and trebles, has seen his very important ten-pound allowance reduced to seven pounds.

More importantly, the kid is riding far better and though still from the finished article, knocking back his knockers by riding winners. And that takes big balls.

(Source: Apple Daily)

The races tonight start with a geriatric Class 5 race followed by a weak Class 4 event while most are making their way to Happy Valley after work and which is fine with me.

(Source: A Kindle In Hong Kong)

These first two races are always sit and watch events for me and hardly worth a flutter unless Birthday Girl Jojo McKinnon walks in and makes my heart go bombedeebombeedeedombomdeebombom and makes me sing, Good Gracious Me.

On the subject of our JoJo, what a show JoJo, she and co-host Wally Pyrah put on during the simulcast broadcast of the first day of Royal Ascot- far more entertaining than a couple of the races. There were moments when it was more trippy than listening to White Rabbit on four tabs of acid.

(Source: Twitter)

Back in Hong Kong, fung shui owner John Yuen of Good Ba Ba infamy has his Good Hong Kong going around again with Dougie Whyte aboard- and boy, I would love to see it beaten just to throw a few rhubarbs in the way of this utter knob. Where IS Good Ba Ba today, anyway?

(Source: Apple Daily)

Elsewhere, well, nothing really makes me wanna do The Watusi and with perhaps a couple of winners for- who else?- Douglas Whyte and trainers honors for the night looking to be equally shared by, well, everyone.

(Source: Tumblr)

For value, however, I’ll be looking at some of the rides by The Duckman- Howard Cheng and, especially, the very strong Tye Angland to take out the Jockeys Challenge- and having a damn good crack at the fine fillies on display in the Beer Garden and Adrenaline.

(Source: DVD Active)



(Source: The Kichen Whisperer)


Race 7, No. 3 Ensemble

Showed ability to win two starts back despite covering ground from a wide draw and lugging in the straight. Still well-rated and can strike again.


Race 6, No. 9 Choice Treasure

Gets the race run to suit with the pace influences drawn wide and will swoop late.


Race 5, No. 2 Emperor Claudius

*Eligible to improve with the benefit of a slow tempo and considerable relief in the handicap.



(Source: Red Bubble)

We wouldn’t exactly say that music ROCKS the Valley as that will just spook the horses and piss off the hardcore punters checking out the odds and sods and form of the horses running, but from tonight until July 4- yes, a Thursday- Happy Wednesday becomes a celebration of music.

(Source: Red Cat Studios)

From Wales, there is singer-songwriter Ben Semmens, who co-wrote and sings The Happy Wednesday Song.

To date, the video which has been uploaded and shared on various YouTube channels, has racked up close to 300,000 views- not too shabby.

Big Ben will be performing at the Beer Garden and Adrenaline for the next few weeks with Anna Fan sitting in on drums and a good time is guaranteed by all.

From Hong Kong, there is the popular Singha, one of the best newer artists to appear from the Cantonese scene- and gawd knows it needs help- whereas many will come out to watch one of the talked about artists from Mainland China in Rock singer Mo Mo.

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