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Every day, we hear about jockeys being investigated, those on lists, those being watched and one rort or another taking place between jockeys and trainers and big time punters. It happens on metropolitan tracks and is so easy to fix on country tracks.

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Hell, there are rorts taking place inside the offices of bookmakers and their staff.

One text message sent to someone behind the barriers about a big bet placed and to reach the ears of the right person can see the horse bet on get off to a slow start, or run into a pocket or where the jockey has severe navigational problems.

It’s difficult to win a race, it’s easy to lose one and even more difficult to prove anything though the chant of “that horse was deader than dead” carries on until the next day.

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It’s easy work and only once a jockey or trainer retires does one hear the many rorts that have gone on and how many- or how few- were in on it.

It happens every day and anywhere where there is too much racing.

So what can do officials do about any of this? Or are many of these so-called officials part of the problem?

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Very few are immune to the temptation of a hundred pieces of silver- especially if in charge of some nickel and dime track and being paid peanuts. Yes, pay peanuts and you get monkeys and monkey business happens.

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But what about the big pooh bears- those officious officials paid the big bucks to make decisions, hire the very best and protect the integrity of racing?

How many of these backroom big boys are truly squeaky clean? Think about it.

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With so many contracts for everything from catering to television rights to medical supplies and much more that could result in millions of dollars a year needing to be rubber stamped by some big boy somewhere along the food chain, do you really think that Greed Is Good doesn’t exist?

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Like looking for love in all the wrong places, in the racing game and where many punters have zero power despite “owning” the industry, one has to wonder if we’re looking for the really big rorts in all the wrong- and little-places?

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