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At a time when anyone in any industry that has a video wants as many people as possible to view it, racing channel in Australia- TVN- is banning the uploading of all videos to which they, apparently, own the Copyright. Apparently. Could this just be false bravado? A bluff?

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Good grief, TVN is not a group of desperate music companies trying to make up for loss of sales and views of horse racing videos- real and manufactured through bought-for views- barely hit the 200 mark.

It’s not exactly like banning the rights to exclusive videos by U2, or Madonna or Nirvana and the Beatles, the Stones and Dylan.

But even videos of these million-selling artists are all over the net including millions of bootleg videos which are shared by music fans.

However, for horse racing fans, TVN has blocked them watching the races of some of the country’s greatest horses.

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The question is why those running the channel are squirreling the visual Rights to these videos. Saving them for a rainy day? And then what? What’s the end game? Make racing in Oz even more parochial than it is today?

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It doesn’t make any sense and all it does is piss off racing fans.

It lowers their enthusiasm in supporting the sport and seems to be one of those stupid corporate moves where the heads of racing clubs decide to cut off their noses to spite their faces and have made a knee-jerk reaction and are now too stubborn to say, “Whoops! We fucking goofed!”

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This is the same dumbass thinking that made music fans- and recording artists- say to music companies, we’re not gonna take it and work on Maggie’s Farm no more and ended up challenging these so-called Rights.

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The online world is one grey ball of confusion. There are NO LAWS no matter what any lawyers say.

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Yes, one cannot rip off a piece of music and use it on a video- but even this is seldom monitored.

Where TVN will HAVE to make a u-turn is when horse owners demand that their videos be shown on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and every other social media platform available- and are sued for the time wasted on the channel and its executives digging their heels in and saying No without understanding why.

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