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Just to prove the changing face of horse racing in Hong Kong, especially, and in places like Perth, we have been tuning in to one of our favorite city’s Racing Radio Big Breakfast Show.

(Source: RWWA)

Hosted by David Shorrte with co-hosts Wes Cameron and Ritchie Bell, sure there is racing news and ‘live’ broadcasts of races, but between the lines and between the buttons, the chatter and banter is extremely humouress.

Last night, during all that dead airspace, some great music has snuck in- Prince, classics by Johnny Cash and even one-hit wonders like Dream Academy and their great Life In A Northern Town.

We’ve even heard some hardcore Trance in the morning mixed with A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash!

One cannot live on racing alone and a racing radio station cannot survive 24 hours a day, seven days a week with racing chatter alone. There are sponsors to think about and widening that audience base- and Perth’s Racing Radio understands this.

(Source: Tumblr)

Here’s an idea, Racing Radio: Perth has some damn fine bands and musicians.

Have them send in their music with an intro as to who they are and give them the airtime they are not getting from anyone else right now during the night time.

Then, sit back and watch those audience numbers soar and along with those Facebook likes!

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