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The racing world is not just made up of little people riding horses, it’s also made up of some of the most colorful- and even just plain weird- people around- owners, trainers, racing pundits, heads of racing clubs and others who, we hope are taking the sport further or, at least, giving the sport some new oomph instead of more oompah loompahs.

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Here, in no particular order of importance, is part one of our list of Who’s Who’s and we’ll carry on from here -and see where it leads. Perhaps Kansas, Dorothy.

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Andrew Bensley

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He is the Walter Kronkite of Australian racing who has his finger on the pulse of everything happening in racing every second of the day in what must be one helluva thankless gig.

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Currently camped inside Lady GaiGai’s hat and giving fans a blow-by-blow reportage of vets, racing, who said what and when to whom and news from the combat zone on the Misadventures of Singo, Andrew “Hoss” Bensley has been given a veritable bonanza buffet of news from which to feed on for the next few months. Yummy!

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John Yuen

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Eccentric Hong Kong horse owner who consults his feng shui master before making any decisions on his horses- especially the now finally retired Good Ba Ba- and wasn’t that retirement handled oh-so-quietly?

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This pre-occupation with feng shui has resulted in numerous stable changes, retiring horses, taking horses outta retirement and ordering jockeys to get rid of their bad luck by going to the temple and shaving their heads.

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Currently undergoing bad feng shui as all his new horses have been real duds, here is a total knob who should never be allowed to own a horse.


Francesca Cumani

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Racing analyst, horse woman, daughter of horse trainer Luca Cumani and host of CNN’s Winning Post program, the gorgeous Francesca Cumani makes grown men melt and suffer from severe whiplash as she strides purposefully across racecourses throughout the world.

Articulate, down-to-earth, Francesca Cumani, should be a Group 1 brand by now with her own line of fashion accessories etc, but seems content to keep on doing what she’s doing, whacking a few polo balls in the process and traipsing around the world looking abfab and making men go Radio Ga Ga.

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Gai and Singo

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The Odd Couple and Sonny and Cher of Australian Racing with one being Gai Waterhouse, the country’s First Lady of racing and the other being John Singleton, aka Singo, one of the most powerful owners in Oz, a former ad man, the Hugh Hefner of racing, and one of the few men we know seen fawning over the has-been that is “actress” Tara Reid.

(Source: Brisbane Times)

The Lady GaiGai and Singo partnership has been a volatile one, somewhat like the movie, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane with the horse opera surrounding the poor showing by his More Joyous and all the tit for tat and vet, vet, vet reports, making Baby Singo look fuglier and more senile as the days go by.

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Someone, please stop the horror being wreaked on Oingo Boingo Singo by Lady GaiGai!

Her line, “She’s (More Joyous) a seven year old mare, John, maybe she’s old, like you” plus her Bette Davis-type put down of former jockey Allan Robinson, described as a “little trumped up jockey” by the Lady, brothel owner Eddie Hayson whose obscenely expensive Stiletto and its ladies is more like Flats these days, plus NRL football player and part-time sci-high fiction writer Andrew John, who all put in a no-show at yesterday’s enquiry, was classic ” tough Hollywood broad” stuff which Davies, Bacall and Hepburn would applaud- along with Rock Hudson.

(Source: A Look Back In Anger)

The Lady GaiGai onslaught on an old ad man who seems sadly stumped for words is getting scarier than watching Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” screaming, “Heeeere’s Johnny!”

(Source: Quotes Worth Repeating)


Douglas Whyte

(Source: SCMP)

Hong Kong’s Champion jockey who has won the Jockey Premiership for twelve consecutive years and ridden over 1500 winners in the city.

(Source: Thorough Bred Worldwide)

South African-born and raised and nicknamed The Durban Demon, Whyte is the consummate professional, who loves his wines, cigars and Tom Ford clothes and is a very tough competitor who raises his game and parts of his anatomy every time anyone says his time’s up. It’s not.

(Source: HKJC)


Aaron Kwok

(Source: HKCNA)

Hong Kong actor- he has one look- contemplative- singer, dancer with a wardrobe that would make Liberace look bland, Aaron Kwok is also a rabid racing enthusiast.

(Source: Sina)

A recent horse owner, he even brought his equine friend onstage at his recent series of concerts which is one of the more outrageous publicity stunts we have seen by any of these 50-year-old Canto-pop “idols.”

(Source: Oriental Daily)

Sheik Mohammed

(Source: UK Student Life)

The Sheik Mo and Godolphin brand took a beating recently when one of his key trainers- Al Zarooni- was suspended for eight years for the illegal administering of steroids to their horses in training.

(Source: Mirror)

This has opened up a can of worms with conspiracy theorists wondering how long this has been going on and if the suspension of Al Zarooni is only the tip of the sand dune and whether what happens in Dubai has always stayed in Dubai and if past successes have been kosher.

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