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As we hurtle towards 2014 and the world and attitudes change around us, whether we want to or not, there is no stopping progress. It’s out of our hands. Or is it and can we shape the future?

The world of politics, well, we have voted these world leaders into power and how they use it is finally being questioned. Questioning and asking how, why, when and where is happening across the board.

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In music, we have seen the virtual demise of music companies and with artists asking, ” And now what?” as we struggle to find the answers that make sense.

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The sports world has been rocked by by heroes falling from grace and becoming villains.

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At Fast Track, our theme is A New Way Of Looking At Horse Racing- and it is, but it could also be a new way of looking at everything around us.

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At least in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Jockey Club has started this change with new venues, new opportunities for musicians and making going to the races a fun experience, especially for those who might have never been to the races or think the sports is for mugs and a dangerous gamble- far more dangerous than entering a casino and not knowing when to leave, “investing” in the stock market, taking a gamble on opening a bar or restaurant only to be bitch-slapped for doing so.

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Life is a gamble. And with the hardcore punter part of the past while those who have followed in their footsteps out of step with what’s happening today, it’s again all about Change and horse racing WILL become part of the much wider world of entertainment. It has to.

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Racing clubs have the hardware- the venues, the space, the audiences- and is already attracting sponsors and brands and other partners who can see a win-win situation for all parties.

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In this respect, Hong Kong leads the way and with the HKJC also being the biggest taxpayer, responsible for the city having hospitals, arts centers, schools…Take away the HKJC and Hong Kong will be a shell of a city. Take horse racing away and there will be no HKJC.

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Everything somewhere is intertwined and without even Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon between them.

The Club’s Happy Wednesday brand which can be seen in the wonderfully unique location of Happy Valley shows this changing face of a sport.

Already, Singapore through the Singapore Turf Club is trying to follow suit. It has the hardware in place and now needs to get rid of those holding back progress.

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Other racing clubs are trying, but with many steeped in Old Thinking and dogged by the usual suspects and scandals and controversies are finding it tough. Even the great Sheik Mo with his trillions and the white elephant in Meydan.

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What racing in Perth is able to achieve for the city, for musicians and fashion designers and everyone in the creative world is there for the taking, but few are asking the hard questions to make this happen. And so, Perth plods along with events opened with much fanfare like OneMovement opened and closed with a whimper.

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Having worked in the music and advertising industries and seen the mistakes they have made and seeing similarities with horse racing which must be avoided at all costs, Fast Track is here as an online meeting place to bring music, fashion, restaurants and everything else that can create a one-stop world of entertainment to consumers- consumers like us.

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And so, it’s not about always and only about the gamble and little people on horses.

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It’s about thinking differently, looking beyond the obvious and realizing like every other industry, here is a sport that needs us to enhance it and say, We Can and We Did ‘cos we saw The Big Picture.

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