(Source: SZ News)

For the past few weeks and months, we have been asking regular and newcomers to racing, who they would like to meet at either the Happy Valley or Shatin racecourses. And you know what? The results surprised us?

Canto-pop idols are Okay, but the one Chinese celeb everyone wishes to meet is the incredible Faye Wong.

(Source: Slim TW)

If Longines, the brand that supports horse racing around the world, doesn’t find a way to make Faye Wong, their racing ambassador for the most exciting and future of racing, something is wrong.

(Source: France Galop)

From here, there’s a way to build a promotional and marketing platform for racing in the future.

As for who, especially, newbie racing fans and even the younger racing owners wish to see and meet at the races, man, it’s a weird list. Wish to add any?

David Beckham- a man for the world
Victoria Beckham
Tony Cruz
Douglas Whyte
John Moore

(Source: Zimbio)

(Source: SCMP)

(Source: HKJC)

(Source: SCMP)

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