Thank gawd for horse racing and here’s hoping the HKJC, as the old Rock anthem goes, fights for its rights and that a very restless local public understand everything else the Club gives to Hong Kong and which, perhaps, needs to be promoted beyond the organization’s official website.

Right now, the local natives are not just getting restless, they are mighty pissed off with skyrocketing rents, a nightlife that faces so many obstacles that opening and maintaining a bar, pub or club is not worth the trouble and with a Chief Executive in tow who is looked upon as being as shifty as 50 shades of grey.

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Two years ago, who would have thought of the Have-nots rebelling against Hong Kong’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, a role model and once nicknamed Hong Kong’s Superman.

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Well, Hong Kong’s Superman has had his wings clipped, there are sit-ins outside of his offices and all the other businesses it runs. Park ‘N Shop? It’s more like Park’N Stop ‘N Sit.

(Source: Sharp Daily)

Meanwhile, government officials- current and former- are under the gun and in the spotlight as graft charges are leveled at many who were once seen to be living on the sunny and squeaky side of the street and working to benefit Hong Kong.

Today, these same people have been caught with their pants down for having built illegal structures which house cellars stocked with millions of dollars worth of wines and karaoke lounges. It’s too surreal for words. And when they hide behind their wives’ skirts and act like girlie men, surreal becomes tacky.

(Source: HKSYU)

The former head of the anti-graft body, the Independent Against Corruption, for example, was suddenly in the news last week- and, oh, the irony- accused of spending obscene amounts of money on lavish dinners in China and himself being wined and dined and receiving back-handers. Like Sgt Schutz, he knows nutting and is saying nutting. How was this brushed under the carpet until now?

As mentioned, this is a new, pissed off Hong Kong going through “a Howard Beale”- mad as hell period and not going to take it anymore.

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One needs to live and work in Hong Kong to understand the mood of the people, their confusion as to who are wearing the white hats and then stand back and think about the HKJC- the government’s biggest taxpayer and charity organization, its role beyond horse racing and how the Big Picture role of what it does and gives is still unknown to the public or where wrong perceptions of the Club exist, especially amongst today’s restless young Hong Kong.

(Source: Cloud Front)

Erase or try and forget the word “gambling”. Life is a gamble and an hour or a helicopter ride away from Hong Kong is Macau, the gambling Mecca of the world which has taken over from Vegas and with even once-staid Singapore trying to get in on the act.

The Singapore government has two faces, they wear them well and is far more forward thinking than those currently running Hong Kong and blindly repeating the mantra that this is “Asia’s World City.”

Singapore is Asia’s International media hub, it has a vibrant nightlife, some of the best restaurants in Asia, it has a real “open door policy” with the Economic Development Board to support new ideas and new entrepreneurs and- key- the city

hides its pock marks well.

(Source: Casino)

As for the HKJC and helping to to realize its Big Picture, hypocritical government red tape doesn’t see it- or doesn’t wish to see. It might be too much work.

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From a gaming point of view- and gaming sounds so much more “clean” than “gambling”, many in Hong Kong fail to understand why the HKJC cannot, for example, accept bets on every sport where betting is involved, a loophole that’s nirvana to illegal bookies who are cleaning up.

The HKJC has its hands tied to compete with these bookies. Untie their hands, see the Big Picture, have China endorse it, and this will greatly strengthen and replenish the government coffers with the end game being more financial aid and more of everything for the Hong Kong people. It’s really not brain surgery.

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But before we arrive at this point, perhaps there must be a very strategic move to change the perception that the HKJC only equals gambling.

One has to wonder how many even working at 1 Sports Road understand this? Or care?

(Source: The Truth About Cars)

This is all very wrong. It’s 2013 and what the Club has given to Hong Kong and continues to give this city is either unknown to many or has been tainted by the past and when it was the elitist and unpopular Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club.

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Today, it is a kinder, gentler HKJC under a leadership that can see all that is possible in this brave new world and not the locked down, buttoned down colonial days of the past.

(Source: WSJ)

Just look at how racing at Happy Valley has changed into something where the dreaded “G” word doesn’t come into play. It’s more of the “E” word- E for Entertainment.

(Source: HKJC)

Here, the Club has succeeded where useless, toothless government organizations like CreateHK, the Tourist Association and InvestHK have failed miserably despite the hype of Yes, Minister types.

(Source: Ro Logo)

Yes, you, Duncan Pescod, pictured below, and your promises of supporting Hong Kong creativity. Through CreateHK- and the bloke leading it?


Please, don’t insult our intelligence and why tax payers should pay for this very expensive white elephant should come under scrutiny.

But wait: Who’s there to scrutinize it when those paid to scrutinize are themselves being scrutinized?

(Source: Nicholson Cartoons)

In this pissed off, mad as hell Hong Kong, there needs a white knight to come to its rescue.

(Source: Fund Amentti)

Imagine the irony if this white knight on a charger is what is called the Hong Kong Jockey Club?

Imagine those who are the future of Hong Kong finally understanding and appreciating everything the Club is doing for this city which has been very good to so many?

As Sam Cooke once sang, hopefully a Change is gonna come as every country in the world today must have Change to move forward. And not political chump change.

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