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After an enforced holiday which he spent in Phiket swinging from trees with a Singha in hand and a smile on his face, Douglas Whyte returns to action at Shatin on Sunday with a wild look in his eyes and hunger pangs for winners in his tummy.

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On paper, he looks to have one helluva hand, but beware the Ides Of March and April Fools as that what many thought of Zac Purton’s book of ten rides last weekend but which fizzled out into a 0 outta 10 result.

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But as mentioned, I personally didn’t share the bullishness of most as some of his rides- eight of them- were very average conveyances. Purton had two real winning chances and he gave them his all but just came up short. This is where Whyte’s book differs.

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Unless the weather gods have zapped the track and turned it into that gluey surface we sometimes get, Whyte should, at least win on Little Men in race 10, a certainty beaten last time out and where there will be no Mr Bean navigational problems stalling a win.

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In the next race, Whyte has jumped on the promising Secret Sham for John Moore and, interestingly, also on Moore’s Cosmic Boom in one of the all-weather races.

This is the horse that is said to have made the partnership between Moore and Tim Clark go ka-boom for reasons lost on me as I never saw the ride.

Still, these all-weather races leave me cold and I have a question mark about Cosmic Boom handling this surface, especially when the weirdly named local trainer- Me Tsui- has entered two proven dirt specialists- Cheetah Boy and Rhumba King while John Size sends Bundle Of Love around again with Dickie Lui aboard. These dirt races usually leave many with egg on their faces.

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Whyte also rides Dan Excel for Merry Moore in a very even looking Group 2 Chairman’s Trophy where nothing really stands out and the trainer has entered his usual Dad’s Army of Cup entries- four in all.

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If forced to pick one, I would reluctantly turn to Pure Champion, the Tony Cruz runner which has the great Gerard Mosse aboard purely for the reason that his ride on Red Cadeaux recently in the Dubai World Cup showed that when in the mood, the Frenchman has few equals.

Let’s hope he’s in the mood for his long-time friend, Tony Cruz.

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Getting back to Douglas Whyte, apart from Little Men, for John Size, Whyte rides All Bountiful in race 6, an enigmatic horse at best, and where I lean more towards another Mosse ride in Full Value.

The jock rarely sticks with many horses, but when I see him on The Only One, Leo’s Pride and Full Value, well, I Get Marty Feldman eyes.

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Being the second leg of a huge Triple Trio jackpot, I would include the following horses as legs- Super Strike, Hollywood Kiss, Superking Dragon, Super Horse and Hong Kong Fat.

Elsewhere, Whyte rides first-starter Kynam for Moore in race 1 where John Size has entered two of his new babies- Fantasy Jewellery and One More Knight.

I know nothing about any of these but the Size-Whyte combo should take out race 3 with Brave Brother. If he can’t beat the lot in this race, it won’t be much good no matter what the going might be. Brave Brother would be more of a Mummy’s Boy.

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Other Whyte rides are last start winner Hypersonic in race 4, another all-weather race and where it will be way under the odds. Still, it should win as the opposition is pretty ordinaire.

In the next race, he rides Global Fame, just another horse in a predictably tough opening leg of the Triple Trio. I can see it running a place, but not winning- or not even placing and which could leave many with TT tickets looking positively moribund.

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This race is a lucky pin job and where I prefer the chances of Bamboo Dance with Brett Prebble up for amigo David Hall, Happy Kaiser, Mega Posh and, hmmm, Terry CW Wong on Peter Ho’s Liverpool Lad.

As we all know by now, Wong needs to ride a brace of winners before the end of this season if he is to have any chance of having his license renewed. Him getting one home last week for Tony Cruz might have been the confidence builder he needed?

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Bottom line is that I can see Whyte stretching his lead in the Jockey Premiership with Little Men, Hypersonic, Brave Brother and, possibly, Demokles in race 7, but also be careful about his rides on Secret Sham and All Bountiful which will be unders and in competitive races.

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As always, the last race of the day is a very trappy affair and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see something like Medalist, Aerovelocity or even Liberty Valance. Bang bang shoot shoot.

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