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Though we still can’t really see the resemblance between champion jockey Dougie Whyte and actor Orlando Bloom, we also don’t quite see what some keep telling us: That Zac Purton reminds them of Billy Idol. (We thought Shane RS Dye was bestowed with that honor decades ago?)

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Though he is over one foot taller, personally, we think Zac looks kinda like Dolph Lundgren.

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We know: Whooooo? The Big Dolph appeared in one of those Rocky movies as some evil Russian boxer and has been playing evil Eastern Europeans ever since and being the poor man’s “Ah-nold” and recently appeared in that horrible movie starring has-beens called The Extenables.

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Having a penchant for leather, we picked these styles for Zac and which he can wear with scarves, caps, hats, a cloak or even a turban.

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(Source: Classic Movie Stills)

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(Source: Style In Spades)

(Source: Style In Spades)

As for songs that remind us of The Zac Attack for various reasons, here are our Top 5.

1: Thunderstruck – AC/DC

2: Soul Finger- The Bar Kays

3: A Whiter Shade Of Pale – Procol Harum

4: I Feel Good – James Brown

5: Rolling Confusion – Rolling Stones

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