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Perhaps they were missing the leadership of EB, currently in Paris checking out some new Hermes ties.

Perhaps some were missing Dougie Whyte who is in Phuket with his family and itching to get back next weekend after two weeks on the sidelines serving out a suspension, but for all the tips and talk and idle boasts nothing went according to script at Shatin today.

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Despite a full book of rides and installed a $1.80 favorite to win the Jockey Challenge, the Zac Attack was flaccid.

The usual lethal attack didn’t even get one past the winning post despite a brilliant treble on Wednesday.

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To be fair, the talented Jockey’s rides are all starting way under the odds, a curse that has and still befalls Dougie Whyte and, to a lesser extent, Brett Prebble.

Lose on one favorite and local punters start chasing and which has been the ruin of many a poor boy when it comes to punting.

Brain freezes occur and all rational thinking is replaced by misplaced paranoia and a dangerous win at all costs “style”‘of betting.

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Personally, I thought Prebble had a far better book of winning rides- and booted home a double which could easily have been a treble. This was vintage Prebble on these two winners.

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Sure, Zac Purton had ten rides, but if eight are crap, what’s the point? And when Scarlett Camellia was made favorite in a very open looking last race, it showed lemmings at work and on the punt. Scarlett Camellia? A 4 to 1 favorite? Puhleeese!

At the end of the day, it was a great day for the local boys- a double for Howard Cheng, a long-awaited win for Terry CW Wong, and a confidence-boosting win for apprentice Dickie Lui while John Size, once again, showed his great faith in the local kids- and them rewarding him with a double.

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Normal service will resume next weekend when the whole team will be back on track and in action.

Seriously, something was missing at Shatin today and I think I know what it was but will leave it for another day.

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Put this meeting down to today being April 1 and where many were made to look- and sound- and tweet- like fools.

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