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We often talk about the lack of role models in sports, music, fashion and other forms of entertainment.

Sorry, Beliebers, but a kid wearing his pants hanging below his arse and now getting into fights becoming a dangerous trend shows someone coming apart at the seams just like what happened to Lindsay Lohan and all those others who tasted fame way too soon.

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So in a world where we have seen many role models bite the dust- Lance Armstrong, for example – when two young jockeys like the Berry twins come along, well, wherever you are in racing and without talking through pockets, we should applaud these boys.

At a time when we have seen many promising apprentices fall by the wayside and fall in with the Fagins and Shylocks of the racing world, Nathan and Tommy Berry are keeping on the straight and narrow and taking everything the world serves them in stride and with a rare maturity.

(Source: BBC)

We have spoken to those who work regularly with them and the replies are all the same: “Great kids- not big-headed, they listen and have been brought up well.”

With horse racing, especially, in Oz, having seen some role models be seen in a very different light and others coming across as the thugs they have always been, the Berry twins should be in PSAs- Public Service Announcements- and not in any cornball or self-righteous way- and also commercials for the right brands.

This is why bona fide sponsorship of jockeys and the right commercials can only help the image of the sport and bring it to those who wouldn’t know blinkers from wankers.

On this subject and being reasonably astute marketers, the fact that every other brands like Adidas, Nike, Tag Heuer etc get behind sporting heroes while racing personalities are ignored shows that something is not right.

If it’s rules that’s holding things back, well, it’s 2013 and rules must be broken.

The fact that Douglas Whyte is not a sponsor or a racing ambassador for a brand is astounding.

The other fact that this champion jockey of Hong Kong for twelve consecutive years is not in the Guinness Book Of World Records boggles the mind.

(Source: Racing Write)

As has been mentioned here over and over again, sponsors are the future of horse racing- and not just those who sponsor racing days.

(Source: Trusted Watch)

In this day and age of social media, the sponsorship of racing heroes and personalities MUST happen if racing is every going to attract new fans of the sports.

Yes, Dougie Whyte is a perfect example of this as are Francesca Cumani, Gai Waterhouse, the team of Moody, Nolan and Black Caviar, Hugh Bowman, Zac Purton, Ambitious Dragon, Pierro, All Too Hard and, where we came in, Tommy and Nathan Berry.

(Source: Daily Telegraph)

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