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While some wait with bated breath for the races from Dubai tonight, Meydan officials announcing a race meeting this October and others shaking their heads at the woeful state of NSW racing which has reached the lowest ebb in its history, news is rife that Aussie trainers Danny O’Brien and John O’Shea have applied for training licenses in Hong Kong.

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Uh O’ O’, indeed, but rumors are often just rumors though where there’s smoke, there’s fire and could we be seeing the end of a couple of trainers battling to get new owners, new horses and some winners on the board? Could The Fat Lady be clearing her throat?

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As for this talk about O’Brien or O’Shea in Hong Kong, I’d give the latter an outside chance, but Danny O’Brien, whoa, Nelly, this would be just too weird for some in Oz to comprehend.

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Away from the rumor mill and looking at Easter Monday’s meeting, I couldn’t help thinking of South African jockey Richard Fourie and how quickly he has settled into Hong Kong and the sudden support he is gaining from local trainers due to requests/demands from owners.

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Fourie might not be the best jockey riding in Hong Kong, but he is a real trier and gets winners home- and always at good odds, something not lost on owners who don’t have horses in the upper classes and so “need odds” whenever their horses are ready. And Richard Fourie is, right now, Hong Kong’s Go To “odds jockey”.

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On Monday, Fourie looks to have some real ‘live’ chances- and at odds- Creative Union (race 2), The Fast Lane (race 5), Super Lifeline (race 7)- and though some are drawn out wide, this might not be a bad place to be on the B+2 course with Hong Kong being hammered by Thor over the past few days.

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Aside from Fourie, The Zac Attack, which landed a brilliant treble on Wednesday, has an excellent chance to either catch up with the currently suspended Douglas Whyte or even take the lead in the Jockeys Premiership.

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Forgetting the first two races where anything could win, the jockey has winning chances on Straight Gold (race 3), Bobo Dragon (race 6), Twin Turbo (race 7) and Beauty Sparkle in race 9.

Elsewhere, but ever mindful of the horrible weather Hong Kong has been having, other horses that I like are Super Horse (race 4), Bomber Jet and Super Tiger (race 5), Bullish Boy (race 6), Heco Rider (race 8), Bundle Of Joy and Exciting Dream (race 9) and Mac Row and Tour De Force in the last.

But what I am most interested in will be to see Andreas Suborics back on Amber Sky, owned by martial arts actor Sammo Hung, after losing the ride to Dougie Whyte who lost the ride to Matthew Chadwick who has now, apparently, lost the ride to the jockey who first won on this horse.

Someone play me Dizzy Miss Lizzy!

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