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While singer Tess Collins was rocking out at the Beer Garden at Happy Valley Racecourse instead of jizzying, jazzing and lounging out which brings a yawn to my face, and Ben Semmens and his band were trying to come to grips with the unusual disorganization of the usually efficient ways of performing at Adrenaline, Zac Purton was giving another display as to why he is one of the two best jockeys in Hong Kong.

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The “best” is a very subjective term, but watching the Zac Attack strike on Real Generous in the last race of the night should become compulsory viewing to all apprentices everywhere.

Elsewhere when it came to rides, hats off to Vincent CY Ho on his double and placings whereas the runs of Cool Bean, Mighty K and Speedygonzales- a very inappropriate name for a horse which is more tardy than speedy- are best forgotten. They were flatter than Kiera Knighley.

(Source: Wall Save)

Jolly Victor, first reserve for the HK Derby, might have got a bump at the start, but going by its performance last night, it failed to win me over in any kinda jolly way. Jolly Victor might be more of a Buster Keaton.

(Source: Kuhn Riddle)

It might improve in Shatin but I am not holding my breath while I am left thinking that one-time Derby hopeful- Navel Orange- looks like being more of a navel gazing lemon.

(Source: Cartoon Stock)

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