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Glancing at tomorrow’s card for Happy Valley, it’s now definite that The Hobbit- Little Timmy Clark- will not be stable jockey for John Moore, the Truman Capote of Hong Kong racing.

(Source: Punters Paradise)

(Source: SCMP)

Hell, it doesn’t even look if The Hobbit will ever ride another horse for Merry Moore with his regular rides for the trainer going to other riders.

What happened? Guess things went Cosmic KA-BOOM and with trackwork rumors getting LOUDER that the hard-working and tough rider- and rabid twitterer- will be saying adios to Hong Kong at the end of this season and returning to Oz.

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Meanwhile, I have to wonder if Weichong Marwing is still doing any riding for “Darth” Ferraris or if Andreas Suborics has become the new Luke?

Suborics is on all of Darth’s horses tomorrow and even rode regular Wayward Weichong ride Affluence Of Rain on the weekend.

(Source: Fan Pop)

Still on the jockey Y front, popular lightweight jockey Mark Du Plessis is expected to be riding in Hong Kong for the last three months of this season.

(Source: Racing Write)

As for the races tomorrow, with Dougie Whyte on an enforced holiday for the next two race days along with Matthew Chadwick, predictably, the jock most will follow will be the Zac Attack.

Hmmm, I am unsure if this would be that smart.

(Source: Racing Work)

Sure, the Zac Attack has chances but nothing that really stands out like dogs balls. Personally, I like Jazzy Feeling (race 2), Croesus (race 4), Cool Bean (race 5), Mighty K (race 6), Charity Spirit (race 7) and in a very competitive looking last race, Jolly Victor, Perfect Cheers, and, perhaps, Darth’s Navel Orange which ran a shocker last time out.

(Source: Michelle Snoppy)

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