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Okay, so let’s not be emotional about this and look at the facts: In the annals and anals of racing history, Hong Kong’s Champion Miler, the eleven-year-old Good Ba Ba came last to Black Caviar. Of course, some will say that this was a great run- for a rising eleven year old. Know what? I think it was shameful having seen this great champion at its prime. Sure, Tony Cruz persevered with the great Silent Witness until it was time to retire the champion to the Living Legends retirement home.

Let’s never forget the articles and twittering about how Good Ba Ba could still race. Yes, and so can I. But there’s a time and a place to call it quits.

Rick Hore-Lacy might have done a sterling job in getting Good Ba Ba racing again in what they call, Group 1 company, but at least for me, there’s a problem here and which has to do with a complete re-haul of past glories.

As a rising 11-year-old, Good Ba Ba should not be allowed to compete in Group 1 events.

Sorry, but it’s nonsensical from a purely academic and common sense point of view. Good Ba Ba in the same race as Black Caviar. Huh?

That would be like me running against Usain Bolt and happy to come last.

The fact that Good Ba Ba made a cameo appearance in a Black Caviar showpiece last week was a disgrace.

In the words of John Lennon, It was just Showbiz. And more on this Black Caviarama later.

As for Good Ba Ba, to superstitious owner John Yuen and current trainer Ric Hore-Lacy who, apparently, plan to run the former HK Champion Miler in the Doncaster Mile next month, I leave you with this thought: If the horse breaks down, I shall, personally, come after your collective asses with every Animal Rights Organization on my side.


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1 Response to ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  1. Mick hedge says:

    It is bye bye ba ba. Retirement was announced Monday. Your points however are most valid.

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