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How do I say this politely? How about this: Perth, you really do a crappy job of marketing and promoting your product- which is one of the best cities in the world- that so few even think about.

When Michael Chugg, Michael Gudinski, Seth Bisla and a few others started the OneMovement Festival around four years ago, there was great hope that a game changer was in the works.

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After all, the world music industry- sure, most of them were deadly bores- came to Perth, but amongst the bum fluff, there was songwriter Diane Warren who has written songs for everyone, the manager of Coldplay and three days of music from around the world where I first got to hear the remarkable Sarah Blasko.

But here’s where OneMovement became a fragmented and disjointed one: There was a very big lost opportunity with little tie-in with anything much else to do with Perth other than us visitors stuck in the crumbling remains of the Parramatta Hilton, a three-star hotel pretending to be part of a five-star world.

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Jeez, that was a depressing hotel to stay in though it might have had to do with my girlfriend at the time- the moody Danish whom my friends called Old Misery Guts (OMG).

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Having said this, even OMG enjoyed Perth though she did find the city lacking “in style” and a “nightlife” but “wouldn’t have minded” us investing in some property down there. Us???

What I missed about OneMovement was that it stayed as one like a lonely U2 song and didn’t bring in other business partners- like the Perth racing industry- and open things up, something which the HKJC does so very well by working with those involved in music, fashion and everything else new and which has seen an increase in the attendance of newbies to racing AND turnover.

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The latter is something the charter members of the old boys club refuse to admit while they sit in their same old perches and look down on venues like the Beer Garden and have never even visited Adrenaline or The Gallery and wouldn’t know IBU from ABC and the Race Simulator from a dildo.

Getting back to Perth, it boggles the mind as to how little it seemingly does- seemingly as neither myself nor my mates have seen any marketing promoting the city which is only a few hours away from many of the more affluent cities in Australasia and completely missing out on the fact that there is now a new- and huge- market for wine: China.

(Source: Asian Palate)

What else these same markets have in common is an affinity to horse racing- a great affinity. And Perth has some very good horse racing which might be fobbed off as being duff by many “Eastsiders”, but being in the same time zone, it is followed by many- from afar- in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong- as it is woefully badly promoted OUTSIDE of what is a CAPTIVE market.

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If there is no local racing, what’s there for these markets after racing in NSW and Victoria ends?

This is where Perth racing shrivels up like some kid suffering from penis envy as is happy to just plod along taking baby steps when racing- and the city can do so much more.

(Source: Tom Richmond)

As with any industry today- and any country or a city- no one and nothing can go it alone.

The consumer market is constantly evolving and there’s a world out there that is a veritable buffet for everyone.

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The key is not to get lost in this buffet and be the dish no one even tastes or bothers to see.

Perth, right now, is like this neglected dish as is its racing.

Like Justin Timberlake once sang, Perth news a boost of new thinking to not bring Sexy BACK, but just bring sexy into a city that offers so much but is happy to navel gaze, pat itself on its back and say, Wowser, we’re good.

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