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I was with one of the few investigative journalists last night and catching up on who was zooming who and who was walking around with daggers in their back.

(Source: Jan Too)

Of course, many are getting zoomed, left, right and centre by Hong Kong’s own Government whereas the ICAC keeping tipping over each other all the time whenever they try to get a guilty verdict for Stephen Chan, former General Manager with HKTVB.

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Well, if they have to haul ass in front of Judge Poon who acquired Chan in the hopes of him over-turning his own ruling, er, they must be whistling High Hopes.

In the racing world and ponzi schemes go on all the time though none have captured the interest and financial funding by investors as that of the one created by the gentleman with the initials BS and his Chinese professor business partner.

This went through what one lawyer believes was for show when BS issued a legal writ against his partner. And then? Nothing.

(Source: Robin Coyle)

With their business product on hold and some investors still hoping for a launch date, things have been on the down low while BS goes through a spending spree living la vida loca in Wanchai on a regular basis: “I’ll take FIVE Filipinas and FIFTEEN Columbians to go, baby!”

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Creeping into the inner workings of BS, is the dude who, with HIS business partner, managed to get some very big names in racing invest in a mine in the Philippines.

It turned out to be like that pub with no beer and no ore in sight. Some have lost at least $5m which is nothing to sneeze at.

(Source: Taylors Arm)

Of course, ponzi schemes carry on regardless and with various racing personalities, especially targeted at certain Hong Kong horse owners continue every day.

One is aimed at helping them rub shoulders and other bodily parts against ladies from Eastern Europe by setting up “a new, improved Fashion TV.” Maybe not so silly as FTV is starting to look like a dying brand.

(Source: Back Office)

Other current ponzi favorites seem to be the ones which are looking at investors for a casino AND a mine in Nepal, various schemes to take advantage of co-mingling when it finally happens in Hong Kong and the selling of a very big club of fluff in Shanghai stocked with fake “vintage wines.”

(Source: CP Cache)

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