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At Flemington yesterday, it was, largely, the Craig Williams Show- the jockey riding four winners- and two Group 1 cameos by Craig “Froggie” Newitt to take out the Newmarket aboard Shamexpress and Michael Rodd, below, at his super cool best to win the Group 1 Australian Cup on- what else?- Super Cool.

(Source: SMH)

Tim “The Hobbit” Clark, who made a lightning quick trip down to Oz for the meeting, rode a mighty fine race to come fourth in the Newmarket on 50 to 1 outsider Undeniably.

Sadly, after The Hobbit won the Group 3 Sheppervescence Trophy on 16 to 1 shot Bonaria, there was a Stewards enquiry into Brett Prebble’s ride in the race Rose Pattern following which the jock received a warning that “maybe used in the future.”

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But what many are asking- including us- is why? Surely, there was no “this way, bro” breeches of riding and the jockey was simply ensuring that his ride was staying on an even path and keeping outta harms way?

Then again, we’re not Stewards and certainly without the god-like powers and vision of Chief Steward Terry Bailey who is known to walk on water on weekends and feed the fortythousand.

(Source: Daily Telegraph)

What happens in Melbourne will stay in Melbourne and, more importantly to Hong Kong racing fans, Clark and Prebble were back in Hong Kong for today’s racing at Shatin as rumors swirl around that the two jockeys might be saying toodle doo to Hong Kong at the end of this season for family reasons.

We hope not ‘cos, in their own ways, they bring a certain amount of color and competitiveness to racing- Prebble being a very talented chapatti while The Hobbit has proven, time and time again, just what a top class rider he is even without great horsepower underneath him.

(Source: Racing Victoria)

Then again, racing and rumors in Hong Kong make lethal bedfellows and all this could just be another game played by that height-challenged Chinese version of Anonymous- who is known to all concerned as our very own version of Lucky88. There must always be some birdie num num Mini Me to do the devil’s work.

(Source: Fan Pop)

At Shatin, Brett Prebble wasted no time being amongst the winners by taking out the first race aboard the very impressive David Hall first-starter Bundle Of Joy.

(Source: Punters Paradise)

Clark who many thought would win race 5 aboard Flying Ibis came agonizingly close to sticking to the script, but the weight went against it and it had to settle for second to the David “Darth” Ferraris-trained Victory Ide Say which was very well ridden by Richard Fourie.

I swear I saw my friend Mr Darth smile. It was scary and birds fell from the sky.

(Source: Next Media)

Elsewhere, Tony Cruz quinella-ed race 7 when Andreas Suborics took out the Pok Oi Cup on Real Supreme with Beauty Touch coming second and brother Derek Cruz keeping it all in the family with third placed Outdoor Pegasus.

In the Jockeys Premiership, things also didn’t go according to script. It all went down the vindaloo.

Despite what looked like a great book of rides on paper, Zac Purton failed to cut back Douglas Whyte’s lead.

Both jockeys rode doubles with the Durban Demon winning the Jockey Challenge and providing a brilliant riding display on John Moore’s Flagship Shine, below, while The Zac Attack was blunted with a disappointing displays on hot pots Good Good View and Little Cow. There was no view and that Little Cow had udder plans. Never back short-priced sacred cows.

(Source: Racing Diary)

Elsewhere, in the paddock area, Miss Jenny Chapman was, as usual, plagued by snorting people and other weird things while the Trackside team had to struggle through what seemed like a power blackout during the last race. What? The Black Hole of Calcutta?

(Source: Fast Track)

One final note: What a fantastic young rider is Mikhael Barzalona.

Watching his ride on African Story last night at Meydan was a joy to behold for racing fans- the whiz kid’s balance, power, judgement- and with his once-youthful bouts of exuberance kept firmly in check until the race has been run and won.

(Source: Dubair Race Night)

If only Sheik Mo with all his Meydan moola can present and showcase these races more professionally and worthy of the world’s best riders and the incredible equine talent.

Hell, even watching the very professional Jerry Greene and Jo McKinnon, both extremely good at what they do, being plonked behind what looked like two old oil drums and banging on during the simultaneous broadcast of these races, looked more expensive than the shoddy production work from Dubai while listening to that horrible drone of race caller Terry “Saucy” Spago.

(Source: Gulf News)

The breathless over-the-top caterwauling of old “Saucy”, makes the Fabio of race-callers- David Raphael- sound like Richard Burton in Othello.

(Source: Wiki)

No wait: That comparison would be doing Burton and Shakespeare a great dis-service.

Comparing Raphael to Fabio is good enough.

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