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We were chatting about the exotic bet known as the Six Up and with the general consensus being that it was “easy.”

Nothing in life is easy and certainly not in racing. It’s all an optical illusion.

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The Six Up operates from Races 5 to 10 today and with many expecting Flying Ibis or Maroon Prince to win.

Well, Maroon Prince has been withdrawn and would you really want to bank only on Flying Ibis which needed all the vigor of Tim Clark the last time it won and seems a horse with many things on its mind- poetry, butterflies, knickers- except racing?

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Take Little Men outta Race 6 and it’s a lottery- plus Dougie Whyte’s records on favorites this season has been dismal.

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Race 7 needs a few choices- the John Moore pair, and possibly Beauty Watch and Shiny Day as outsiders.

Race 8 has fourteen horses- most being plodders. Turbo Jewelry will be very short but this horse, hmmm, its turbo is more like a turbot- and it could sink you.

Grimmy in Race 9 looks like a standout but just remember that the horses it beat the last time out were pretty grim conveyances.

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Race 10 is almost a “field job” with me liking numbers 4,5,8,9,11,14- and can still lose.

What would I suggest? Take two sets of Six Ups- one with races 5,6 and 9 having only the favorites and then taking four horses in the other three races.

Then take another Six Up leaving out all the faves except for Grimmy and taking only 4,8 and 14 in race 10.

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