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Glancing at the fields for Sunday at Shatin one thing which stood out like dogs balls is that Tim “The Hobbit” Clark is not on any of John Moore’s horses- not even on Thanksgiving which he won on, was then taken off, and then put back on – he won- and now he is off again and replaced by Brett Prebble who has also been in and out of the trainer’s good books.

Dizzy after reading that paragraph?

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John Moore is a very astute and successful trainer with some of the richest owners in Hong Kong, but he has always had rather tumultuous relationships with his jockeys- the great Darren Beadman, the late Noel Barker, Brian York, Damien Oliver – the list is endless.

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Tim Clark is now the latest to feel the wrath of Moore which is a real pity as the rider has done so well for the stable. But like one Cosmic Ka-boom, he is out in the cold.

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Back in from the cold is Brett Prebble who, apart from Thanksgiving, rides Destined For Glory, another regular ride for Clark who produced one of the best rides I have seen to win on the horse and beat Ambitious Dragon. More Cosmic Ka-boom!

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All that is now part of the past with Clark getting most of his support from Richard Gibson while Moore continues to use Weichong Marwing and “experiments” with Zac Purton and Dougie Whyte seizing what winning opportunities he might be given.

Looking at their book of rides for Sunday, The Zac Attack seems to hold a much stronger hand- Joy Together, Meridian Treasure, Spicy Siam, Maroon Prince for Moore, Little Cow, Grimmy and Good View View- and at least three winning chances whereas Whyte’s winning chances appear to start and end with Little Men.

Then again, in racing, what appears on paper seldom translates onto race track and Whyte Lightning could strike with Flagship Shine for Moore in an intriguing last race where one can expect turnover to skyrocket.

In the same race is the impressive Good View View, local celebrity Aaron Kwok’s Calling With Love- very disappointing after an impressive first-up win but which will still be backed- Vital Gold, Sudden Thunder and Green Manner.

One thing’s for sure: I won’t be Calling With Love even if I have a Good View View.

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It’s an enthralling 1400 metre race with a few senior jockeys riding overweight, some of the better chances not faring well when it comes to barrier draws, but I’ll be watching that totalizator rattle and hum to the pounding beat of some huge plunges. Watch and be amazed.

The programing of these last races really are a work of art.

(Source: Survey Horse Racing)

With a Singapore flavor to the names of the races, it would have been good to see Joao Moreira, below, riding here or even three designated races featuring Hong Kong versus Singapore along with some sarong party girls, satay sticks and a few banana leaf restaurants.

(Source: Punters Paradise)

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