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Douglas Whyte has again proven what we all know: He is the total professional, he is fiercely determined, he is competitive and count him out at your peril. They build ’em tough in South Africa and Hong King racing is fortunate to have him.

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Back to running doubles, trebles and leaving twittering buffoons to eat dust, he is now three winners in front in the Hong Kong Jockeys Premiership with loads of new horsepower under him from various stables, he also does not suffer fools gladly.

Try and bullshit him about being a fan for years and remembering his first win, he’ll ask for its name and where and when this was. Not have an answer and you’re whistling Vaya Con Dios.

So with all of the above happening and Derby fever spreading with the Durban Demon on the pre-race favorite in Akeed Mofeed, let’s not suddenly jump ship and shift focus away from Zac Purton.

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Let’s not forget what the Zac Attack has already proven this season and what he will continue to prove as he is an incredibly talented International class jockey- plus a solid bloke who carries himself with dignity and class. He, too, is also no fool and is great for racing.

In Hong Kong’s fickle and competitive racing scene, the Zac Attack is doing bloody well- going after rides, winning on them and even winning on a few real no-hopers.

He is Hong Kong’s new Brett Prebble- and better- and not content to play second banana to anyone.

On the subject of the talented Prebble, how long before he ups and leaves back to Oz and rides for owner Lloyd Williams?

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Getting back to The Zac Attack, he looks ready to fire tonight at Happy Valley whereas the fat lady has yet to sing when it comes to the Jockey Premiership.

Hong Kong racing needs Zac Purton in its jockeys ranks just as it needs Tim Clark, Matty Chadwick, Umberto Rispoli, Gerard Mosse who remains a GREAT big race jockey and the very underrated Tye Angland- marquee names- just as it needs great world class trainers.

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Having trainer Richard Gibson in Hong Kong is a huge image enhancer for Hong Kong racing and we’re willing to bet that horses like Sea Dragon, Akmeed Mofeed and a few others like Royal Haunt, below, that have yet to make their debuts here will give Hong Kong the equine talent needed to take on the world’s best.

Watch the genius of John Size improve Royal Haunt by lengths.

(Source: The Age)

They have been great, but the likes of Lucky Nine, the magnificent Joy And Fun and Little Bridge have done Hong Kong proud but are now in the twilight of their careers and needed are rising stars that can be mega stars.

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Hong Kong racing has an abundance of riches- attendance figures, turnover, training facilities, venues, two of the world’s greatest racecourses, technology breakthroughs etc.

It is also led by a CEO in Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, a German who understands every aspect of horse racing from a world class perspective, working in a China-led Hong Kong- someone who has the vision and respect of the world leaders in racing- and governments.

Sure, he makes the big bucks. And why not for this 24/7 gig that few probably bother to understand?

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All this success is fine- more than even nearly fine- but we always believe in Being Prepared as we were good boy scouts and look to The Art Of War when it comes to how any business is run.

Racing is a business and not some whimsical little game made up of recycled ideas bogged down by petty politics and those who, simply put, are just not good enough- prime examples of the Peter Principle. What’s not needed is more mediocrity.

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What’s also needed are some rabbits in the hat which can be pulled out- when needed.

If “name” jockeys leave or trainers just plod along, well, there must be some tough decisions made as progress cannot be derailed or slowed down through backward thinking- and Plodders Anonymous.

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As we have said, Hong Kong is kinda like an Adele song with that line about, “We could have had it all.”

“We” actually HAVE it all but need to be hungry enough and have a mindset that says, We want it ALL- and THE BEST. Yes, Simply The Best and when ONLY the best will do.

Because of “E.B” and his relentless pursuit to push the envelope, there are a few associated with and working at 1 Sports Road who understand this.

There simply needs to be more players capable of juggling more than two balls and holding a few aces- players with the savvy to know when to play them and with very strong roller decks than can bring real world class marquee names into the racing game.

A great roller deck is indispensable as it is the only solution to the problem of a chain only being as strong as its weakest link and being a winner.


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