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A group of us were talking earlier about how there are so many changes taking place in racing to attract new racegoers to racecourses but how communicating with this new market segment is still in the Stone Age.

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Though there will always be a place for traditional racing journalism and racing shows with talking heads, trackwork segments and interviews with jockeys who aren’t allowed to tip for the old- and getting older- hardcore market, it’s all double Dutch to newbies.

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Though loathe to use the word, how can horse racing sound and look more cool to attract current non-believers to race tracks?

Once actually AT the races, wooing these consumers back is really up to the experience they have- the venues, the inter-action with like-minded people, the food, the drinks,the thrill of placing a bet and enjoying the racing.

But what about before all this? Where are the carrots?

A poster? Will this make someone say “That’s for me, baby”?

Or a racing show which has nothing to attract these newbies and riddled with racing cliches like “won at cricket score odds”- how many of these people even know what cricket is???- and the usual racing stories the next day on the Sports pages which are used as kitty litter?

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So, we were thinking, what if someone like today’s Hunter S Thompson was writing about form? How would it read?

Then again, is there a new version of the good doctor? Please don’t say Perez Hilton or those jokers at TMZ.

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What if Johnny Depp or Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johannsen were hosting a racing show? What would be the format- and the content? Just plonking in some random snippets of music? Again?

Right now, the only fresh face in racing belongs to Francesca Cumani, host of CNN’s Winning Post which is an oasis in an arid desert of sameness.

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It’s a slickly produced show with a knowledgeable and likable racing personality- a young, attractive female host- but what’s next for Winning Post and how does CNN get it seen outside of the channel’s captive market?

How does it reach a wider audience and can the Francesca Cumani brand be marketed better- and made relevant to newbies?

Sure, love them or loathe them, there will be the Richie Callanders, the Keith Hilliers, Deane Lester, Bruce Clark etc, but, apart from Shane Anderson who has an almost storyteller way of conducting his interviews, is there anyone or anything out there that can attract a wider audience, or, to narrow it down, attract the new race-goer who wouldn’t know a gelding from a filly and blinkers from bonkers?

Right now, it’s all virgin territory as the racing media is one worldwide old boys club twittering together and with few newcomers allowed in. Even if they are allowed in, it’s another version of Send In The Clones.

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Perhaps like the Sex Pistols came around to bring some much needed anarchy to a moribund music scene run and controlled by the same old boring farts, horse racing might need an Indie scene to create some friendly rivalry and also produce a viable alternative to hook all those out there wanting to play but who are not invited to the party.

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  1. Billy J says:

    Let’s shake it up! I’m keen

  2. Wes Cameron says:

    Check out Ian Lenton’s Holy Goat

    Just a different way to talk racing

  3. rick says:

    Are you serious! I have listened to Shane and his boring repetitive interview questions. it is the same over and over. the false little laugh. tough questioning and story telling. he describes himself as up to date with issues and hard hitting… what a joke. and those 2 morons with him on a Monday morning….what a joke

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