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We had to wait until race 10 at Shatin, but it was worth the wait and, finally, a favorite- and a bloody worthy favorite — has emerged for the Hong Kong BMW Derby on March 17.

This was when the Douglas Whyte-ridden and Richard Gibson-trained Akeed Mofeed absolutely demolished a field of young pretenders and made many trainers and racing pundits eat humble pie and realize what bollocks they have been going on about when it comes to this year’s Derby.

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The latter group who pontificated about Akeed Mofeed needing the run or just in the race for the outing were suddenly speechless.

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Horses which were being given strong Derby hopes like Blazing Speed and Genki Twins- oh, puhleeese- were made to look tired, second-rate and unworthy when Akeed Mofeed unleashed its horse power and left them choking in its wake.

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The question now is whether Douglas Whyte retains the ride on the horse as he was meant to only be ydeputising for the currently suspended Olivier Doleuze.

(Source: HKJC)

But with Whyte also being regular rider for the same connection’s other Derby entrant, Gold-Fun, why not stick with this winning combination and which would leave the very popular Doleuze free to ride another Richard Gibson runner in Mizani?

Next week, there is a special program on ATV when Jo McKinnon interviews Richard Gibson about the Derby.

(Source: Game 3 Talk)

To make the program hip and tech-savvy and interactive, viewers can tweet questions to Richard Gibson.

After today’s win by Akeed Mofeed, what questions are there to ask? Seriously?

If anything, this program is almost two weeks too late.

The only questions I would tweet-and I shall- would have to be information about the new BMW Series 6 and how Jo McKinnon and her boyfriend Richard Gibson met and their plans for the future.

It could become the first episode in a reality series like Living With The Kardashians- horse racing’s first reality series and titled Horsing Around With Jojo and Gibbo.

It’s not such a daft idea.

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