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Most expats are pleased as Punch and Judy to be in Hong Kong and where anyone can be anything they wish to be, enjoy a great lifestyle and be big fish in a small pond.

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But after receiving several tweets from New Zealand and Oz about the whiny tweets and often the same old tired, whingy chat from those who are supposedly paid to promote Hong Kong as the future of racing, we have no idea what’s eating them and Gilbert Grape.

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From what we know, some of these pundits have nice little side businesses going, they love the nightlife, they love to boogie, and would never ever have it so good “back home.”

So why this almost cannibalistic practice of biting the hand that feeds them, talking from both sides of the mouth- and from their backsides- is something we don’t understand.

We’re not asking anyone to kiss ass. Only to wake up and smell the dim sum.

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Surely, if Hong Kong doesn’t measure up, well, the exit door is right there. Shut it on the way out. Please.

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