Every jockey I know is trying to get in the good books of trainer Dennis Yip. And why not? Right now, he is fourth in the Trainers Premiership ladder, his horsepower is firing on all cylinders and the influential Chinese racing media would love to see him win this championship.

(Source: SCMP)

After having formed strong partnerships with Douglas Whyte and then Brett Prebble, this season has seen Yip taste great success with jockey Zac Purton. If the trainer were to have stable jockey, it would be Purton.

(Source: HKJC)

The Prebble-Yip combination has come to a complete full stop, Whyte has been getting a few rides here and there, but it’s the Yip-Purton combination is the one that matters most to punters. They trust it and follow it as do local owners- old and new- who are beating a path to the trainer’s door.

After all, his strike rate speaks for itself, he speaks their lingo and he gets the best out of the jockeys he chooses for his horses.

Though not having exactly been the best jockey one has seen during his riding days and also when around eighty pounds lighter, Dennis Yip seems to know who is a good jockey- who rides to win and how it comes down to horses for courses and certain jockeys for certain horses.

(Source: Sheep Gate Tack And Togs)

The loyalty and support he’s now giving Tim “The Hobbit” Clark should be followed.

Today, this combination teamed up again to take out race 5 with Dars Auto.

(Source: HKJC)

Having taken some time to acclimatize, Dars Auto had showed himself to be something of an all-weather track specialist. Until today.

Today, Dars Auto tackled the turf with Clark not changing the way he has been riding it- keeping the horse towards the back of the field before taking it out wide and then timed its run to perfection. If the wheel ain’t broke, why fix it?

(Source: Big Commerce)

As for Tim Clark, here is a jockey who makes the most out of the rides that comes his way- even the crumbs and goats and second and third stringers for trainers.

I still remember that brilliant ride of his to win on John Moore’s Destined For Glory and when he outrode and outfoxed Maxime Guyon on Ambitious Dragon.

(Source: Herald)

The Hobbit’s strike rate is incredible and what is mind-boggling is why he doesn’t have a full book of rides every race day when far inferior jocks get more and better rides.

Perhaps he hasn’t mastered the art of kissing ass and fawning over trainers?

(Source: Tumblr)

Then again, that’s not how The Hobbit chooses to live his life. He let’s action- and winners- do the talking- as does Dennis Yip.

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