By Hans Ebert

Hong Kong is a small place. Too small and where jealousy and even penis envy come into play.

Take away the Chinese racing media, which is far more influential than some gweilos- foreigners- with a petty axe to grind and one comes up with, well, crap.

This crap was started by Michael Cox, a junior reporter in Oz and now second banana to the far more experienced and savvy Alan Aitken.

Hats off to Hats. He’s kept outta this farce. Not so Michael Cox, racing reporter for the Morning Post and new blogger.

Blogging is a new art but Cox doesn’t seem to understand this and, well, also cyberspace laws, especially when employed by a reputable newspaper like the Morning Post.

And so began what might have been a harmless blog about Tom Quealy’s twitter account with zero tweets and a scurrilous attempt at discrediting a legitimate twitter account by a leading jockey in Hong Kong.

In a small pond like Hong Kong, it didn’t take long to know that half-cocked Cox was aiming his pen at Douglas Whyte.

But why? What for? To discredit a champion like Dougie Whyte, yes, a very good friend of mine, and also throw mud in my direction? Why? Fear of the unknown? Paranoia? No better stories to write?

Back to discrediting Dougie Whyte: From a tedious number of Direct Messages to me, Cox, the fearless journalist, owned up that this was what “everybody” was saying- that this was a fake twitter account and fingers pointed in my direction.

This is the same ol’ gang who also said that “everybody” was saying I was behind those inane Jungle Johnny tweets and which were quickly owned up to by Mitchell Beadman.

Did I, put him up to this stupidity? Why? For what? Anyone who thinks so should have their heads examined and check their scrotal sacks for crabs.

As for Dougie Whyte’s twitter account controversy, it reached a nadir with an accusatory tweet from Clint Hutchison, a member of the supposedly objective HKJC Racing To Win team, and when Whyte was on his way to the UK to visit his daughter.

Clint, Douglas WILL ride Gold-Fun in the Derby. Why all the aggro? Big night in the Wanch?

To cut a very long tweet for twat pissing match short. all I can do is advice Hutch to speak to his brother in law Caspar Fownes about what he and I discussed. He then just might see the light. If not, start singing Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry.

As for Michael Cox, having been a journalist who has interviewed everyone from Lennon and Sinatra to Polanski and Scorsese to blowing the lid off Hong Kong’s Harbourfest Fiasco, he, as an employee of the Morning Post, should check his facts and figures and turn a deaf ear to the Chinese Whispers of, especially, an ex- employee at 1 Sports Road.

This person, whose name keeps popping up like a zit, might not be as smart as he makes out to be and should stick to swimming with all those other big fish and eventually get swallowed and spat out in the process.

Hong Kong might be a small place but it does not suffer fools gladly.

That’s no threat. It’s just a fact of life in a city that has been very good to foreigners who quickly become big fish in a small pond and think they can swim when they are actually sinking. Fast.

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  1. Lavvy says:

    mmmmmmm he iz real sxc dat dougie… i wld let him do the dougie on me

  2. b_home says:

    If Michael Cox is such a small-time reporter, whose opinions matter so little, why take the time and the effort to write such a defensive rebuttal?

  3. Chris Gibbins says:

    Douglas Whyte is not the best jockey in HK. Any number of jockeys, in particular Brett Prebble and Zac Purton would take that title if they had the same influence to gain top rides. You, whoever you are, need to refrain from such rhetoric. It is boorish and naive.

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