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Could Brett Prebble really be thinking about returning and which is perhaps why he’s not riding with the same whim and vigour this season?

(Source: Daily Mail)

Why is he not riding for John Moore with such regularity? I hear it has to do with his rather tepid rides aboard Admiration and, more recently, Rewarding Star.

(Source: HKJC)

(Source: HKJC)

Will the HKJC be sad to see him leave?

No longer being a drawcard, they would be barking mad if they did. The Club is probably doing The Watusi reading this possible news.

(Source: My Dance Diary)


Who is the ex-HKJC staffer some are watching very closely?

A nice enough bloke on the surface, but known by many as a real shit stirrer, racing groupie and someone who swans around giving the impression he knows everything and everyone but knows nothing about anybody and is a very dangerous serial gossip who is way too smart for his own good.

(Source: In The Rooms)


On the Hong Kong jockey front, three local jockeys who often get under the guard of many punters are Keith Yeung, Alex Lai and Derek Leung.

Yeung has been used very wisely by John Size in the past and to great success whereas Alex Lai, below, is now riding with great confidence.

(Source: Racing Write)

As for the always-talented Derek Leung, he seems to have been watching videos of Shane Dye and studying The Dyemeister’s style- but not all that biting of his whip and fiddling with the saddle and sending smoke signals to his followers.

(Source: HKJC)

Leung now bides his time at the back of the field like The Dyemeister used to do and then comes with a withering run down the outside.

Follow him on races that are a mile and over and forget about barrier draws. It matters nought.

(Source: Racing Write)

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