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One meets the craziest people in the Twittersphere and where, depending on your speed to be a tweet, your name can be taken in vain and some of the weirdest tweets being sent out and supposedly coming from you.

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Trainer John Moore is the latest racing name to be Punk’d. Or tweeted.

Enter @junglejohn888 on Twitter- extremely funny and with a piercing knowledge of all things Moore- and more and where since Sunday, there have been an onslaught of tweets about “Georgie Porgie”, gay bars, “Rash” Callan, the house in Phuket, the madness of Brother Gary Of Macau and, well, screwing owners outta money.

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(Source: Twitter)

So, is this legal or illegal?

Welcome to cyberspace, tweeterers and where it’s the online wild west and anything and everything goes.

Will this leads to fake tweets from those not on twitter? Of course it will and many will believe every goonish thing they read.

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One thing is for sure: @junglejohn888 certainly knows even more about John Moore than probably even John Moore knows about himself and far more interesting to follow than if the real Moore The Merrier were to tweet.

(Source: SCMP)

We have to wonder who in racing will be next? We have our guesses and it won’t be pretty. Or able to be stopped.

(Source: Daily Deal Media)

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  1. Jungle John says:

    All good things come to an end, but bad things CAN continue forever.
    Thornton Wilder

    To Whom It May Concern:

    It is with great sadness that I write this to all of who have received more than a belly laugh out of my rants. Today, I was inundated with emails regarding this ‘parody’ account about how “on the mark” it is, to quote a follower.

    However, it seems that this ‘parody account’ has ruffled a few too many feathers, some of whom I have the utmost respect for. After liaising with twitter management and justifying the reason for existence, I have reached the conclusion that this account will no longer be active and I will cease to post what I have found to be very entertaining tweets.

    Before I leave, I will say that I have experienced immense satisfaction out of tweeting what I have about John and whilst it is questionably defaming John, upon further investigation, would be found out to be ONE HUNDRED percent correct (except the vine swinging).

    So with that I will let sleeping dogs lie but as the quote I started this letter with; I am coming to an end but bad things (e.g. John Moore) CAN continue forever.

    I hope I have brought to light not only what everyone knew, but made JOHN aware of how he sounds and that people are not oblivious as they seem to what he does.

    Lots of love from the jungle,


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