With Racingb*tch firmly established and our partnership with – the only racing lifestyle site around for the new and casual racegoer- generating increasing volumes of traffic and interest, subscriber and user feedback has identified some constructive opportunities for our Racebook site which has been sitting in limbo like a Jimmy Cliff song.

One such idea, suggested to us by a group of Chinese- speaking owners, some of whom are relative newcomers to racing and who are particularly keen to have a significant long-term involvement in thoroughbred racing, rhetorically asked us: “Why don’t you guys help us Chinese Owners, both existing and new, know more about horses for sale by providing a bilingual site providing us with such important areas as reputable bloodstock agents, breeding, trial and race videos, and the best sources for choosing horses for purchase?”

Clearly there were many questions generated from the feedback with the common theme identifying the need for a site offering existing and potential new Chinese racehorse owners access to a better and more detailed range of information in Chinese, which would enable them to make a more informed decision and a more active role in purchasing racehorses.

Put simply, the new breed of Chinese racehorse owners have aspirations to replicate the more active role of their western counterparts in the decision making process of purchasing racehorses.

The main suggestion centres around the compilation and accessing of a “Who’s Who” of the bloodstock world, in Chinese, with a team of respected and knowledgeable “experts” chosen by us who can communicate in Chinese and provide an Advisor/Advisory Service and have the capability to “grade” potential purchases.

By this, we don’t mean a doofus like Apollo Ng and a number of scambos we know who have been selling crap to Singapore and Hong Kong aided and abetted by those on the inside track.

How this Ponzi scheme works and whose palms are greased along the way.

There is little doubt that with the continuing emergence of the Chinese market for thoroughbred racing and purchases, there is a distinctive paradigm shift where this new generation of Chinese Owners want significantly more from thoroughbred racing than the past.

They are acutely aware of the many pitfalls of depending solely on the advice of agents and advisors that has so often resulted in very expensive failed investments in racehorses – raced and unraced.

They are increasingly not interested in simply buying a racehorse for the sake of redeeming an official permit t or are they prepared to pay grossly and artificially inflated prices for racehorses, given the woeful race track history of some of these expensive purchases.

Similarly, they are also increasingly aware of the “bidding wars” at Sales, which are a regularly used mechanism to artificially inflate prices.

There is also an important segment of the potential buyers market who would be keen to avoid the established traditional Sales circuit and make their purchases prior to these horses entering a sale ring.

With this in mind, we have identified a team of Chinese writers with a very strong knowledge and understanding of thoroughbred racing and breeding who can translate informat ideos onto the Racingbook site- A ONE STOP BILINGUAL RACING DIRECTORY.

If you believe this opportunity can potentially enhance your business and bring it into direct contact with existing and potential racehorse owners in Hong Kong and China, contact us at regarding advertising and production costs and joint promotions and identifying ways in which you believe it can benefit your business.

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