Sure, we have an enormous crush on her and might even ask her to be our Facebook friend, but Perth Racing’s Kristi Ulrich resigning and being replaced by Jamie Chadwick reveals a problem prevalent in so many racing clubs.

We just love this photograph.

Nothing against Mr. Chadwick- no doubt a noble chap- but what can he bring to Perth Racing after almost nine years as the Marketing Director of Darwin racing. Darwin???? Sorry, but the CV is hardly one to feel positive about.’s like other racing clubs who play the same old game of musical chairs and trot out the same old tired names who have been here, there and everywhere- and key- have nothing new to offer.

They are just highly paid boffins making their suppliers go mad as they are clueless about what they want.

Again, it’s like music companies.

If they are not hiring those who have been let go by other music companies, they believe they are “breaking the mould” by hiring promotional bimbos from music channels and making themselves to believe that they are bringing “new energy” to their old fucked up companies.

They hire these people, make them “VPs of Marketing” and nothing new happens other than glorified sales people suddenly being put into creative roles and wondering to themselves, “And now what?”

To them, being “creative” is meeting some act at the airport and ensuring that they either get laid or have copious amounts of coke. And then they get so tired from “overwork”, they need to rest for three days.

They are clueless about their job responsibilities as no one has told them what these are. Smiling and batting eyelids at the Big Cheese can only get someone so far. A bimbo is as a bimbo does and this also applies to the male of the species. with many horse racing clubs and where many who work in them deal within a  “universe” as small as the size of a pea with glandular fever. What? You’ve never seen one?

How the hell can racing start to even give new racegoers a scent of something new when those being shepherded in to run various departments don’t even know how to pronounce Skype, let alone know how to download it? What the fuck is “Skippy”?, what one has are hardcore, old-fashioned- no matter how young they might be as many have had real goons as mentors-guns for hires and all shooting blanks.

In turn, THEY hire totally inept nincompoops to work under them and who refuse to make any decisions- except to say, “Hmmm. what do YOU think?” And so it goes on with nothing really changing except for incompetence being rewarded. happens next? Simple jobs become sagas and dramas and committee decisions and a job which should take two days goes on and on and on until it has been scrutinized and “screwtinised” so damn much that it has no bite and no teeth and is about as effective as an ant crawling up an elephant’s leg in hope of rape.

Bottom line: Something is horribly wrong with the hiring process of many racing clubs just as there is with music companies. if and when they, somehow, get it right and hire one or two good people, these would feel that to “fit in” they would have to compromise and lower their standards.

After a few months of doing this, they’d say, “Enough”, get on their bikes and bid the companies a quick Adieu.

Again, racing clubs can learn much from music companies: Music companies alienated fans by trying to sue everyone who launched something new which they believed stood in their way or was gonna take business away from them. Stupid. The latter could have been great allies.

Next came a huge effort to “talk” to today’s consumers- and which meant neglecting their “aging customer base.”

The result? They lost both customer groups. One felt neglected, the other knew that they didn’t need a music company per se as it had become a DIY world.

Today, the great mantra is all about getting new racegoers through the turnstiles and how this is the future, but in so doing, they forget the past and the present.

Those who make the BIG bets are left alone and they can find a plethora of new options they never knew existed before and never come back.

This is why there must be a very delicate balancing act and also having the balls to whack them on the table and say, “THIS is what we’re going to do, like it or not ‘cos I say so!” Forget about topping company popularity polls.

For us, the ONLY head of racing capable of doing this is Winfried “Wini” Engelbrecht-Bresges, CEO of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Sure, he might go about things that don’t matter that much in a roundabout way and use others to ensure that his message is heard and understood.

But the stance he took over the weekend with the Hong Kong Government regarding double taxation and co-mingling is to be admired.

He basically, said, “I’m am not nearly fine with you assholes taking so fucking long about approving co-mingling. Drag your arse on this any longer and you might just force me to take my ball and work this as an offshore project.”

That took balls, it made the front page of the Sunday Morning Post and it’s getting talked about and read away from the tired old racing pages. need more people taking ball-breaking stances like this as the entire racing industry is looking far from healthy and needs forward-thinking people- but who know where the hell they are going.

We are reminded of former Chairman of EMI Worldwide- Alain Levy- telling his Executives to “Go faster.” The problem was no one knew where to go. And when his Co-Chairman added, “Be Creative” the looks on many faces was like a group of Africans watching a Coppertone commercial. And then they both got fired.

“Go faster!” But where are we going, Alain?

Guidance and true leadership are in short supply in the music and racing industries.

Sometimes we think that as the similarities are so darn, well, similar, they should join forces and go down the crapper together.

The problem is that one is a “brand leader” in this area and has already passed the “winning post”. example, somewhere along the line, those in marketing in racing clubs, just as in music companies, slap their blinkers on and play blind man’s bluff.

They follow orders but with squat common sense. And the more people who get involved, the more diluted the very simple message becomes. Why? No one knows right from wrong and refuse to put their balls on the wicket.

The result? Stale marketing by gremlins and which would be better left not produced. can go on and on about the analogies between the music and racing industries, but what we suggest is that racing clubs look outside of the box- especially when hiring the usual tired old “experienced” racing professionals.

They have had their day in the sun and are technological and intellectual midgets. They talk about “social media” but it starts and ends with updating their Facebook profiles. is also a disproportionate number of “executives” but few with true leadership skills and strong enough personalities to say, “See these? THESE are big balls!”

Instead, there is too much tippy-toeing, towing the Corporate line- and which can result in back problems- and way too much buck-passing.

In the meantime, the punters- the customers, the sponsors- whatever one might wish to call them- have flown off in other directions. Why?

They’ve become tired of waiting and watching mediocrity at work and also working with those they KNOW are behind the eight-ball and have not heard the gun go off in this sprint for a consumer pie that on one hand is rapidly growing- and on the other is rapidly diminishing.

Think about that for a second. We have a headache from just writing that.  



“NZ’ legal sex workers get ready for busy World Cup!”

We read this screaming LOUD headline, gulped a bit and then thought, could this be some new weird way to attract racegoers onto tracks? Hire or work out a deal with some hookers?

The article continued about how these ladies will be “rushed off their feet” as 95,000 sports fans descend on New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup and with brothels doubling condom orders for the tournament.

We immediately thought of an old mate of ours who created Rockdoms and which were endorsed by a number of Rock stars.

Sadly, trying on an Ozzie Osbourne condom didn’t have the desired effect with many girls we knew. So, what about JOCKDOMS, we thought?

During Melbourne’s Spring Carnival give away these Jockdoms with the names of jockeys on them, so one can actually say, “I was screwed by Michael Rodd” or, better yet, “I was screwed by Michael Rodd AND Craig Williams!”

The Gerard “Le Grande Swordsman” Mosse Jockdoms will be for those with bigger egos than sense. 

Still, the marketing opportunities are enormous.

And on the subject of merchandising and marketing, for those who keep asking, Yes, our “John O’Shea Says We Are Fuckwits” t-shirts will soon available.

We have a special one made up for Johnno. O’Shea’s ugly mug.



We feel loads of sympathy for the Jockey Club. Once again with sunrise about to break out over a new racing season, the “Berlin Wall” that the Government seems to have erected to impede the Jockey Club co-mingling local wagering pools with its potential international partners has again grabbed the headlines.

It is mind-numbing to even try and understand why the roadblocks are being placed in the pathway towards a simple legislative change that would produce very substantial and lucrative benefits to racing and to Government coffers through the revenue windfall that co-mingling would generate.

As this is such a no-brainer, perhaps some in Government have had a lobotomy? The racing industry and Governments worldwide are fortunate that in co-mingling pools between racing nations there are wagering and revenue opportunities that their cash-strapped racing industries and run down Treasuries, there is a source of funding that can be tapped into.

The Jockey Club is quite clearly fatigued by these roadblocks. Chief Executive Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges keeps giving it his best shot. But the Government appears to have its hearing aid permanently switched off – and without any logical or rational reason. failure of the Government to allow co-mingling could quite easily put the future financial viability of Hong Kong racing at serious risk.

Unlike the normal and standard taxation arrangements in other racing jurisdictions, the Hong Kong Jockey Club is required to pay a hefty fee into Government coffers each year – funding which underwrites a massive chunk of community services and charities. And unlike other racing jurisdictions, the Jockey Club MUST meet its fixed financial obligations.

It is why Jockey Club officials are so sensitive to turnover each meeting. Forget Global Financial Crises or economic downturns, they are of no consequence.

The dark cloud that hovers over the future of Hong Kong racing is the threat posed by the spider’s legal web of co-mingling arrangements that are sprouting out between nations and which are being located in low-taxing hubs, which are directed at the new breed of professional, technologically savvy investors (they prefer this term to punters), who are extremely price sensitive and seek to invest in massive global pools which mimick billion dollar super funds in the financial world. new breed of punter is the future of wagering.

The “greying of social media” and embracing new technology has begun in earnest across the board and all ages and they will all seek to bet into super pools which transcend geographical boundaries.

Through their choice of wagering pools, this can potentially render the insular Hong Kong wagering pool to nothing more than a bit player in a global wagering pool with open access.

Either the Government is that deaf, dumb and blind kid named “Tommy” or, they believe that they can treat the HKJC as puppets they can manipulate and string along whenever they feel like it. But even puppets have a breaking point. Hong Kong Government would be well advised to carefully analyze the situation in Australia, where for so long various State Governments, the Federal Government and the State Racing Governing Bodies, Race Clubs and the Totalizator companies chose to ignore the threats to the traditional wagering model posed by off-shore operators, corporate bookmakers and betting exchanges using the very latest technology which is the only language that successive generations understand.

Make no mistake, Hong Kong faces the same threat. With every racing season, the illegal bookmakers and off-shore operators get stronger, and their profits get better and better, thanks to the “free kicks” that they receive through Government stubbornness and inaction. Hee Haw, indeed, said the jackasses. . with legal co-mingling weaving a spider’s web around it, the game changes dramatically.

Engelbrecht-Bresges is on the money with his warning that if the Jockey Club is not part of these co-mingling arrangements, then it may face the unpalatable prospect that bloated pools from co-mingling hubs may divert wagering away from Hong Kong pools as price sensitive high rollers seek to invest in the bigger and more lucrative co-mingled pools.,%20Timothy%20Fok_0.jpg“Timothy, I don’t give a Fok about your problems, Okay?”

He is also on the money in warning that the Hong Kong Jockey Club may be forced, as a last resort, into setting up its own off shore base for c0-mingling outside Hong Kong’s jurisdiction as a separate entity from its domestic operations.

He is most definitely not feeling nearly fine.

“How much more of this stupid shit do I have to take?”



 When first declarations were taken for the Cox Plate, it was no surprise to see just two overseas horses paid up for what has been billed as Australasia’s weight for age championship.

The two international horses are last year’s Melbourne Cup hero, the Australian-owned, French-trained Americain and Luca Cumani’s Chilean Derby runner-up Sahara Sun, also Australian-owned. most notable absentees are Aussie champ and now Coolmore owned and northern hemisphere based So You Think and his highly credentialed stablemate Cape Blanco.

Despite the wishful thinking of the Moonee Valley Racing Club, neither will be making the trip Down Under., particularly with So You Think, who would have been staring down equaling the mighty Kingston Town’s three successive Cox Plate wins – the only horse to do so in this great weight for age event.

In a desperate attempt to internationalize the Cox Plate and attract top quality European stayers and middle distance horses, the Moonee Valley Racing Club put out a raft of financial incentives to northern hemisphere horses, but to no avail.

It is no secret that many international trainers, owners and jockeys don’t rate Moonee Valley as a suitable venue for an International Group One race.

It is a tight, compact, turning track, which does not suit the racing style of the northern hemisphere horses who are accustomed top roomier, spacious tracks, where they are able to settle rather than the more helter skelter pace and scramble for positions to the first turn out of the straight which can pole axe the chances of many top class horses.

The velodrome like Moonee Valley track, while ideally suited to night racing, has literally “run its race” as the host racetrack for the Cox Plate.

Even the capacity (it struggles with a 30,000 crowd), of the racecourse makes it not just uncomfortable for attendees, but also deprives the Club and the racing industry of a potential financial bonanza from the corporate sector and an additional 70,000 who would flock to Flemington if the race was moved there, as it should be.

The Victorian racing industry like those in all the other states, faces some very hard and unpopular decisions.

Moving the Cox Plate to Flemington is one of them, despite the protestations of self-interested politicians and out of touch racing traditionalists.……………………


 Not a day passes by without new rumblings in the NSW racing. It is hard evidence of the dysfunctional state of NSW racing, with rumour and innuendo, self-interest and spin, rolling out of control, as the racing industry struggles to come to terms with a plethora of problems and confronting issues, which it seems incapable of resolving.

The financial black hole that NSW racing finds itself in has placed the industry in a very vulnerable position.We cannot put it more politely.

How it will emerge is anyone’s guess, but one thing that is certain is that even if Racing NSW wins the High Court challenge by the corporate bookmakers and Betfair, the funds that will flow into the NSW racing industry will not be sufficient to get NSW racing back on its feet again.

All three sectors – metropolitan, provincial and country need massive cash injections – tens and tens of millions of dollars and much, much more, as a starting point to fix up the neglected racing and training tracks.

Every club is running on empty with a wish list of essential projects as long as the Hume Highway.

Priorities surely must start with the racing and training tracks. The puerile and chest thumping promises to put up metropolitan Saturday prize money up to $100,000 per race immediately, if the High Court challenge is successful, is a reflection of the meaningless and pointless attempt to offer bigger and better prize money than Victoria.

It’s nothing more male testosterone at its worst – the pathetic “my dick is bigger than yours” mentality. But where will it get NSW racing? horses in restricted events competing for prize money that is completely out of whack with the quality of horses and the races they compete in?

Interestingly, our old mate and new Racing NSW Chairman Alan Bell was quoted recently stating that he believed NSW racing’s financial woes would not be just solved by winning the High Court challenge.

“By George, I hope he gets it…”

Bell pointed to the need for State Government to provide tax relief to help NSW racing get its house in order.

You’re right Alan, mate, but good luck convincing Racing Minister George Souris. Let’s not forget the NSW State Government is not unlike the racing industry – in a financial black hole, thanks to the mess it inherited from its predecessor.

It should however not stop Alan Bell lobbying the State Government as hard as he can for tax relief.

It’s a significant “coming of age” for Racing NSW to recognize that a possible victory in the High Court challenge is not the magic wand that will deliver the rivers of gold into the coffers of NSW racing. It is a long-needed Eureka moment.“WTF????!!! Winning the case is NOT the cure-all????!!!!”

Equally important though is what happens to NSW racing if Racing NSW loses the High Court challenge?

Where is the Plan B if any? Does NSW racing just lie down, throw its hands up in the air and offer itself submissively to the highest bidder? Is that the end game? is why the rumblings worry us. When we hear about the behind the scenes maneuverings of the powerful Hunter breeding lobby and their mates in Macquarie Street, with the odd right wing radio shock jock thrown in, the alarm bells start ringing. Very, very loudly.       



The name should have sent us LOUD signals. But when Taken, the 1.70 favourite in a four horse race at Goldburn today/yesterday plodded into third place, we just shook our heads. As we have always said, never ever bet on these races with small fields.

We just didn’t listen to ourselves as Taken was “unbeatable” but, yes, we were certainly taken alright and there goes us ever following jockey Brenton Avdulla again who rode an “interesting” ride and must have thought he was riding a rocket or else thought he had a rocket up his arse.

“Yeah, mate, three hot pots, three flops.”

Then again, perhaps there was something very wrong with the horse to end up a plodding third in a field of four.

But for young Avdulla- just as it was for Ben Melham at Mornington- this was a shocking day at the office. 


We got it wrong. The Macau Jockey Club DID have a summer break. It ended the 2010/2011 season on August 27th…and started up the new season on September 4tth.

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3 Responses to THE “HELLO? SO WHAT’S NEW?” ISSUE

  1. Nadeane Fogg says:

    You obviously haven’t done your homework… so let me fill the void in your knowledge…

    Jamie Chadwick, now GM of Marketing and Media, Perth Racing, has racing in the blood. His grandfather was a jockey who unfortunately died from a racing accident in Sydney. His father, Jim Chadwick is a former top jockey (in Australia and Asia), race caller and media personality. Jamie’s brother, Peter Chadwick, is Chief of Stewards for Singapore Turf Club (and worked at Perth Racing many years back).

    Jamie started his career in Journalism before being offered the Marketing Manager’s position for Darwin Turf Club over 9 years ago. With the help of his Asian racing connections, Jamie expanded racing coverage into Asia and built the turf club up to an exceptional standard, attracting crowds from interstate and overseas for the big events throughout the Darwin Cup Carnival.

    Jamie was also the face of Darwin Turf Club when he did pre-race commentary every race day, with live telecast from Sky Racing (Jamie was also responsible for building this strong media relationship).

    He is regularly called upon by sports journalists and the like so that his opinions and facts can be published/broadcast.

    It is through Jamie’s knowledge of and passion for racing, his intelligence, abilities and personal traits (and that he’s just a frigging damn good bloke who is extremely likeable), that Perth Racing knew he would be the perfect fit for the role… and after only 3 months, it is certainly proving to be the case.

    You may not see it or know it yet, but those that know Jamie in a professional capacity (through Perth Racing) can.

    • RacingB*tch says:

      Thanks for the info. Sounds like a good bloke. We are huge fans of racing in Perth and have always supported it. Think Jamie can help get that horrible sounding woman called Sam off Perth’s Racing Radio??? Crikey, she drives us mad! What a VOICE!

    • RacingB*tch says:

      Thanks for the info. Sounds like a good bloke. We are huge fans of racing in Perth and have always supported it. Think Jamie can help get that horrible sounding woman called Sam off Perth’s Racing Radio??? Crikey, she drives us mad! What a VOICE!

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